Recycled Belt Bracelet

With summer ending and fall coming to a start wardrobes are changing.  But what can we do with those belts in our closet that are just going to sit unused through the winter?  Reuse them!

Spiked bracelets are all the rage in fashion, so why not turn your unused belts into a new form of fashion accessory?

What You’ll Need:

Studs (Screw On or Wing Backed)
Leather Punch


You can purchase your studs in cheap bulk by clicking on the image below!

If you’re looking for a leather punch you can find one for cheap at Amazon!

The Steps:

Measuring Your New Bracelet

1. Wrap the belt around your wrist to find your desired length.

2. Cut the belt so that it is a little longer than your desired length (if your belt is made of a material other than leather you may have to seal the cut ends with clear nail polish to prevent fraying).

3. Use your punch to create holes for the belt to clasp and hold your new bracelet.

4. Double check the measurement.

Adding Studs To Your Bracelet

1. If you’re having trouble eyeing where your holes for your studs should be placed, use a ruler to measure.

2. Use your punch to create holes in your newly cut belt.

3. Insert screws into holes (or just insert the wings of your studs into the holes and fold them into the leather – like we did with our denim!)

4. Screw the tips of the studs securely onto the screw beds.

With websites and companies selling bracelets like these for upwards of $60, you can make your own for the cost of your studs!

Mix and match your belts and studs to make one of a kind pieces! Also, don’t be afraid to let everyone know that YOU made it!



  1. That's so funny! I remember being all "punk" in high school and having tons of spiked bracelets, it's a riot that they're in fashion now!

    Yours came out so cute!


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