Creative Gift Idea: Personalized Candles

The holidays are so close, but I haven’t run out of new ideas for creative gifts! Here is a super simple and super cute personalized gift that you can make in just an hour or so! Your loved ones will love it! Besides, who doesn’t love candles?

You can mix and match these candles to your taste and it only takes an hour or so to complete!

What You’ll Need:

Candles in Plain Glass
Stencil (optional)
Painter’s Tape (if using stencil)

The Steps:
1. If you are using a stencil, you can apply it to your candle using painter’s tape, just like in the picture above.

2. When using your stencil, trace the pattern with permanent marker (I chose to forgo the stencil and marker the design on using freehand, but it’s your choice!).

3. Paint over the design in your paint.

4. Let dry and enjoy!

When using paint, if you mess up, you can always scrape off the paint with a toothpick and paint over it again! Play around with different images and letters! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Holidays!



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