Infinity Scarf

I bought this beautiful scarf a few weeks back at a cute boutique by my house, but when I went back the other day, I saw they had the same one in an infinity scarf! Needless to say, I was a little jealous.  So….

I made my scarf into an infinity scarf! It’s so easy and so quick to do!

What You’ll Need:

Long Scarf

The Steps:

1. Line up your scarf on a flat surface and fold it length wise to match up the two ends, like in the diagram below.  If you have frills or threads at the end of your scarf, you’re going to have to cut them off.

2. Sew them together along the seam with thread that is the same color as your scarf.

3. That’s it!

You can basically do this with any long scarf! I’m about to make all of my scarves into infinity scarves!

PS. If you want to make a wool scarf into an infinity scarf, you can simply thread a loose piece together to hide the seam!

Done, and done. How easy was that?


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