Gift Wrap Collage

I have to say, I am not one for plain old gift wrapping. So, when I saw this idea for “6 Manly Gift Wrap Ideas” on ManMade, I was inspired to create my own gift wrap for my other half’s birthday!Check it out!

Gift Wrap Collages are a great way to personalize your gift wrap when your gift isn’t super personalized on it’s own! Best part is, a project like this uses recycling! A creative AND green way to give gifts!

What You’ll Need:

Colored Paper

The Steps:

1. First step is to wrap your whole box in newspaper or magazines to give it a base coat! You can even add some colorful paper to the base of your box to let some color shine through that black and white newspaper.

2. Cut out fun sayings and pictures to paste on your box.

3. Use your markers to add some pops of color and detail. You can even draw up your own pictures and paste them on the box!

4. Happy gift giving!

When you can’t think of a creative way to give your gift to someone, just add some personalized flair by decorating the box! It’s a simple solution that adds a ton of character!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, maybe you can make a romantic box for your significant other!

What do you think? Would you use this gift wrap idea?


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