Mason Jar Night Light

I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE mason jars. If I could find a million uses for them, I absolutely would! That’s why I decided to use them for a whole new reason this week!Mason Jar Night Lights!

This craft is a cute an inexpensive way to light up your room, a child’s room, or any room! Plus it makes it easier for you to see around at night… it also doesn’t hurt that they look so cute!

What You’ll Need:

Mason Jars
Flameless Candles
Elmer’s Glue

The Steps:

1. Mix your paint with approximately two-four tablespoons of water, and half a bottle of Elmer’s Glue.  You don’t want your mix to be watery, but at the same time, you also don’t want it to be too thick. Play around with your mix until it looks about right.

2. Pour your paint mix into your mason jar and swirl it around the edges.

3. Pour the excess paint out.

4. Allow your jars to dry with the tops off.

5. Once dry, place your flameless candle on the inside and close up your jar.

When I bought my flameless candles, I chose lights that changed colors. That way my jars can constantly changing colors!

If you use a regular flameless candle, choose a paint color for your jar that will make the light pop!

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Have a good week!


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