Spring Planters

Spring is in the air! That means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and that ever so dreadful time of year when you have to clean up your backyard and prepare it for use again!
Don’t sweat it though! Updating your backyard is as easy as adding some color to your planters!

I found these planters for $10 and decided that they’d look much better with a little color, so I updated them with a can of spray paint and some painter’s tape!

What You’ll Need:

Spray Paint
Painter’s Tape

The Steps:

Create your pattern using your painter’s tape.

Attach newspaper to any part of the planter that you don’t want painted.

Spray paint your planter.

… and you’re done!

Pretty much any type of planter can be updated with a little bit of spray paint, so get creative! A little bit really does go a long way!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Oh, and of course…

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