DIY Anchor Doormat

Happy August everyone! Summer is quickly passing us by, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop our summer crafting yet! This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Paisley from the At Home With Paisley Radio Show, and explained to her that crafting can be super easy when you give it a try. Well, this DIY doormat project is super simple and is great fun for beginners and experts!

Recently, I was thinking that my front porch would look supercute with a new doormat. So, I hopped on over to the dollar store (where by the way, nothing is a dollar anymore), and picked up a few mats to play with!(While the mat above is an ombre design, the steps in this tutorial are for a solid print design, if you want to paint your mat in an ombre pattern, you can do so by starting with a base color and gradually adding white paint to the color as you continue to paint your stencil!)

What You’ll Need:

Plain Doormat

(to learn how to make your own stencils, check out my DIY Reusable Stencil Tutorial!)

Tacks or Tape (optional)

The Steps:

1. Lay out your stencil to make sure you like the location before painting (because my stencil was transparent, I used a painted cut out to show how it would look after I painted).

2. Tack or tape down your stencil to help it remain in place as you paint.3. Paint in your stencil (make sure to the dab the paint instead of brush the paint on to help prevent it from leaking under the stencil).

4. Remove the stencil and fill in any bare spots.

 5. Let your new rug dry, and then enjoy!

This simple DIY can make a huge difference for your front door! It’s totally a conversation starter, and you can tell all of your friends that you made it yourself!

For more creative tips and fun project ideas, tune in to the At Home With Paisley Radio Show and listen to my interview with Paisley! You can download the episode on iTunes by searching ‘At Home With Paisley Radio Show’! You can also download the America’s Web Radio app for your iPhone or iPad to listen in as well!

As always, if you have any questions, let me know!



  1. I enjoyed your post and your door mat looks great! I was thinking to make such kind of doormat. Thanks for the inspiration. Your mat looks fabulous!

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