DIY Twine Chalkboard

I’m in complete denial about summer coming to end, so I’m gonna keep bringing on the summer themed DIYs! I was looking for a cute chalkboard to display some messages at the Arts & Crafts Fair I’ll be participating in Montauk, New York on Labor Day weekend — and of course, because I’m so picky, I couldn’t find anything!

So, when all else fails, make your own!

I made this cute twine bordered chalkboard for $7! Check it out!

What You’ll Need:

Unfinished Wood Plaque ($1 @ Michael’s)
Chalkboard Paint ($2 @ Michael’s)
Gorilla Glue (or hot glue, if you want to go the quick route – $3 @ Home Depot)

Twine ($1 @Dollar Store)

The Steps:

1. Paint your wood plaque with chalkboard paint and let dry. It may need two or three coats, so keep painting until you are satisfied!

2. Once dry, begin to attach your twine to the board by gluing Gorilla Glue around the edge.
3. Attach the twine to the glue and tape down the twine to help it adhere and dry to the wood.

4. Continue this process until you get all the way around the board one time… then the waiting game begins. Wait 5 minutes or so for the glue to start holding before peeling back any tape.

If you’d like to go the quick route, please feel free to use a glue gun – however, I’ve found that Gorilla Glue is a more permanent hold than the glue gun.5. As you add more layers of twine, keep taping the rope down to help it hold.
 6. I know it’s annoying, and it takes a while, but keep on trekking till you get all the way around the board!

7. After you let the board dry overnight, remove all of the excess tape and admire your beautiful work!

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have the time to sit around and wait for the Gorilla Glue to dry (though I highly recommend it, for more long term results), you can use a glue gun to attach the twine instead.Also! Chalkboard paint comes in so many colors now, so mix and match your chalkboards!

As they say, it ain’t over till it’s over — so keep on summer DIYing while we have the time!

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