DIY Framed Glass “Whiteboard”

It’s been a busy summer! But now we’re back to school, back to business, and back to blogging! So how about we start with some fall time organizing? Need a new way to display your to-do list in your home? I have the cutest solution and it cost me around $10 to make!

By upcycling an old frame and adding some flare, I was able to create a cute way to display my important memos without having to post a thousands post its and papers all over my wall!

What You’ll Need:

Frame with Glass
Spraypaint (optional)
Fabric Glue
Glass Markers/Chalkboard Markers

The Steps:

1. Find a cute frame you like (the cheaper you go when you’re on a budget, the more money you can put into giving it some life)!

I chose to give my boring frame some color and painted it in a blue that matched my existing table project that I completed last year.

2. Go to your local craft or fabric store and pick up your favorite fabric (I chose burlap). You will then adhere the fabric to the cardboard backing on the picture frame with some adhesive.

3. Trim the excess fabric from around your frame to clean it up.

4. Piece your frame together like you would if there were a picture in it.

5. Hang and get on that to-do list!

Fun Tips:

A cute design idea would to make a few smaller frames and place them sporadically (or planned) all over your wall. You can then write different to-do lists on each frame and create a calendar out of your wall!

PS. A big thanks to my brother Rob for being my photographer for the day!


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