Pumpkin Mason Jar

My favorite season is finally here! It’s time to bust out all of those cute fall decorations! Even though Halloween is a month away, pumpkins are the poster children of Fall! There’s no reason why we can’t start placing them all over our homes! If you’re looking for a pumpkin you can use for the entire fall season, why not make yourself a pumpkin mason jar!

It can double as a lantern, or a vase!

What You’ll Need:

Mason Jar

The Steps:

1. Paint your mason jar.

2. Distress with sandpaper.

3. Paint on your pumpkin face!

4. Place a candle in it to create a lantern, or some flowers to create a cute centerpiece!

You can make a jar for all of your favorite halloween characters! Mix and match! Don’t you just LOVE Halloween??



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