Halloween Face Blocks

I love Halloween decorations and I also love recycling old wood – so, this project was perfect for me! Best part about this project too is that each block has four different faces and can displayed multiple ways!  This project was inexpensive and easy, and it makes a really cute window display or mantle decoration! Want to learn how to make your own? The directions are simple!

What You’ll Need:
Cork or Wooden Blocks
(My neighbor was throwing these out and I saved them from the trash!)


The Steps:

1. Paint all six sides of your wooden cubes. Each cube should have a different color.

2. Choose one side to be the top of your face and paint it with hair or a stem (if you’re making a jack-o-lantern) to add some character!

3. Add some decorative details to make each side of your cube a new face!

4. Let dry, stack, and keep changing your faces!

Each cube will have 4 different faces, so mix and match every day!

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