Candy Cane Holiday Door Wreath

The holiday season is quickly approaching, so let’s start decorating! Create an easy and affordable candy-cane initialed door wreath or mantle decoration for around $5! Here’s how!

What You’ll Need:

Wooden Initial (I purchased mine in white from Michael’s Crafts)
Scotch Tape
Ribbon (optional for hanging your wreath)

The Steps:

1. Use scotch tape to create lines on your initial. If you need to, use a ruler or straight-edge to create even lines, if need be.

2. Paint the untaped parts of your initial in your desired color. I chose red to make it look like a candy cane!

3. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape from the wood.

4. Staple ribbon to the back of the letter for easy hanging.

5. Display proudly!

Add some ribbon and sparkles for a more colorful wreathe! You can place your initial over a fire place or on your tree instead of your door as well!

I would love to see your wreaths, so send over some pictures to!

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  1. LOVE it! I have a screen door with no room for a wreath and I was trolling the net looking for a great idea and HERE IT IS!
    This could be a year 'round thing by just changing the colors! Ohh ideas are flowing now!

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