Chalkboard Labeled Keys

Don’t know what to do with all of those spare keys in your house? Let’s get them organized! I have so many spare keys hanging around my house, so to make life easier, I decided to label them all using chalkboard paint and chalk pens. Want to learn how to as well? Just follow these easy steps!

What You’ll Need:

Chalkboard Paint
Cardboard Box or Styrofoam Block
Chalkboard Pens or Chalk

The Steps:

1. Place your keys into slots in a spare box or a block of styrofoam. You will paint your keys while they stand up straight in your box.

2. Paint your keys. They will require a few coats, so paint one coat, and finish some errands while the coat dries.

3. Once dry, remove your keys from the box and place on a flat surface. Write initials on your keys to signify what they belong to. For example, I used “S” for Storage, “H” for Home, and so on.
Chalkboard paint comes in many colors, so you can use different colors for each one of your spares! Place all of your keys in alphabetical order on a key ring for even more organization!

Hibernation season is almost here, so let’s all get organized now before we want to hide under blankets for a few months! If you have any questions, let me know!


  1. This is a cleaver idea! Have tried the plastic ones that stretch around key. They just break and don't do a thing. Have tried using different rings for different keys; too bulky . This sounds great!

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