Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason jar soap dispensers are all the rage. But why pay upwards of $10 or even $20 for a cute soap dispenser when you can make your own, with your favorite soap for less than $2? I used two different types of soap and created an ombre look for mine!

What You’ll Need:


Mason Jar
Favorite Hand Soap
(You will use the dispenser from your soap bottle for the project)


The Steps:

1. Mark with your sharpie the center of your mason jar lid.

2. Press and twist your screwdriver into the sharpied mark until it punches through.  Once it’s through rotate it a few times to widen the hole.
3. Use your pliers to pull back the metal to make the hole big enough for the soap dispenser.

4. Pour your favorite soap(s) into the mason jar.

5. As you’re waiting for the soap to pour into the jar, place your dispenser through the hole of your mason jar lid.

6. Cut the dispenser hose down to size if it is taller than your mason jar.

7. Reassemble and use!

Fun Tips:
Use two different colored soaps to create a cool ombre look, like mine!

Use them in every room you can to show consistency in your mason jar style! Mason jars come in all sizes, so play around with the look until you find the right one!


    1. When you peel back the edges of the hole you made for the pump, you have to make sure it's large enough to for the pump, but also small enough to that the pump fits snuggly. It's probably easier to pull a little back at a time and then keep trying to push the pump through until it fits nicely. Hope that helps!

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