Geometric Dresser Upcycle with General Finishes Paint

In a few months I’ll be moving into a new apartment, so I thought, this could be the perfect opportunity to upcycle some furniture! That’s when my friends at General Finishes contacted me and sent me some great paints! So, I utilized their line of Milk Paints and Top Coats to add a geometric touch to my boring old dresser! Here’s how it went!

What I Needed:


General Finishes Paint (can be purchased here!)

Painter’s Tape

The Steps:

1. To start off, I utilized painter’s tape to create a simple geometric pattern on the face of my dresser.

2. It was important that I removed any hardware that was in the way before painting!

3. Next, I utilized General Finishes’ Persian Blue Milk Paint to paint in the geometric shape that I created.

… Of course I made sure to paint the nooks and crannies inside the drawers!

4. I then reapplied the knobs and hardware, and painted them to match.

5. When finished, I applied a coat of their Flat Top Coat to the entire dresser to seal in the paint!

And wallah! A beautiful geometric dresser for my new apartment! What do you think!?

General Finishes sells amazing colors of Milk Paint, Glaze Paint, and Top Coats! Their colors are vibrant and dry evenly to create a perfect coat for your next upcycle!

Make sure to visit them at their website and check out their line of colors! I think you’ll fall in love… I know I did!

P.S. Thank you to General Finishes for providing with the paint for this project!


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