DIY Scrapbook Animal Pictures (With Upcycled Frames)

When I found out that my cousin was having a baby I could not wait to get started on some cute projects to decorate her nursery!  I love elephants and giraffes, and she loves hippos, so I wanted to create a unique piece of artwork to show our new family member some love! This project was so simple, and best of all I upcycled some old, unused frames and created these adorable images for her bedroom!

What You’ll Need:


Spray Paint
Scrapbook Paper

The Steps:

1. Unscrew all of the hardware off of the frames your using if you plan on spray painting them. Make sure you store these pieces in a ziplock bag so that you can find them later!

2. Give your frames a light sanding to help the spray paint adhere (DIY TIP: when sanding wooden items, always sand with the grain to avoid creating lines in your wood).

3. Wipe down the frames with a dry cloth and begin to spray paint. Add light layers one at a time and allow time to dry in between layers!

4. While your frames are drying, print out images of baby animals that you would like to use.

5. Place these animals over your scrap book paper and cut out the design as you see it to create silhouettes.

6. Replace the hardware on your frames and insert your animals.

7. Admire your new piece of artwork!

Have some fun and play around with the different animals and patterns you use. You can use muted scrapbook to create a more adult look!

What do you think? Can you see yourself making these as a gift for someone or for your own home?

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