DIY Sequin Anchor Pillow

I recently received a beautiful surprise package from Wander & Hunt filled with gorgeous sequined fabric and amazing studs! When they asked me to cook them up something home-inspired with their material, I flung to action. The result was this cute sequined and studded anchor pillow! Want to make your own? It’s so easy!

What You’ll Need:



Sequined Fabric


(purchased at Ikea for $4)

The Steps:

1. Find a picture on the internet of an anchor (or any other shape) that you wish to have on your pillow. Print it out and place it on the backside of your fabric.

You will then attach it to the fabric with a pin or needle (to keep in place) and cut around the shape.

2. Once you have your shape cut out, apply it to the pillow by sewing it.

3. Add studs to complete your look!

Wah-lah! You now have a beautiful decorative pillow in just a few easy steps! How simple was that!?

A special thank you to Wander & Hunt for all of the fabric, studs, and tools!Learn More:Want to learn more about Wander & Hunt?  Wander & Hunt is an awesome DIY website that allows you to purchase do-it-yourself kits from their website to try at home.  They have an awesome array of materials to work with as well!

*Fabric, studs, and tools for this project were provided courtesy of Wander & Hunt.  All project ideas, tutorials, and opinions about their brand are solely provided by DIY Huntress.


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