DIY Soy Candles (Courtesy of Lucy’s Cabin)

Anyone who knows me already understands my deep obsession for scented candles. So when Lucy Baur from Lucy’s Cabin contacted me for a collaboration, I was SO excited to try out her soy candles and share them with all of you!  Even better, not only did she provide me with some fun candles to tell you about, she also let all of you DIY Huntress followers in on her process! Want to learn how to make your own scented soy candles? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Lucy’s Cabin is an adorable Etsy shop with an array of scented soy candles. The candles are beautifully packaged and come with a small note which leaves you with no secrets as to where your candles came from and how they were made.

Upon first opening the candles, the aromas fill the room without even lighting the wick. Once lit, the candles smell so subtle, but make a huge impact! These candles are seriously awesome and at only $12 a candle you really can’t go wrong! They’d be SO cute for a present for a loved one (or just a gift for yourself)! To purchase a candle from Lucy’s Cabin, visit her Etsy shop! She’s also having a sale for the month of June and you’ll get 10% off your entire purchase with the code “InstaSave”!

Also, being the AWESOME woman she is, Lucy provided DIY Huntress readers with a special DIY and gave instructions on how to make your own soy candles (for those crafters out there)!

What You’ll Need:

Soy Wax (@ Michael’s – 1 lb. container)
Wicks (@ Michael’s)
Candle Containers (thrift stores or craft stores)
Glue Dots or Glue Gun
1oz. Fragrance Oil (@ Michael’s)
Candle Dye (@ Michael’s – Liquid or Chip Form)
Pot/Sauce Pan
Cookie Cutter
Candy Thermometer (@ Michael’s)
Pouring Pot (Thrift Stores or Michael’s)
Stirring Utensil

Hair Dryer

The Steps:

1. Place cookie cutter in
sauce pan and fill with about an inch or two of water. Set on burner.

2. Empty soy wax flakes into pouring pot and place inside the sauce pan (this acts as a double boiler).

3. Turn stove on medium or high so water begins to boil.

4. Stir the wax every minute or so to ensure even melting.

5. Once all the wax melts, add a drop of candle dye. If you have color chips,
place one chip inside the pot and stir. Once the color is evenly dispersed, you can see if you would like to add more color.*Hint: To determine how much additional color you would like add, take a small amount of wax from your stirrer and let it drip onto a paper towel. It will dry in moments and the color of the dry wax will give you an idea of how your candle will look. Since the dyes are super concentrated, only use one drop or one chip at a time.

6. The wax should reach a temperature of 185. Once it does, take pouring pot out
of the sauce pan and place on counter. Turn off stove.

7. Once the temperature of the wax drops to 165 degrees, add 1 oz. of fragrance oil. A lot of oils come in 2 ounce containers, so just pour in half the container if that’s the case.

8. Stir the oil for about a minute so it is evenly mixed in with wax.

9. With your hair dryer, apply some heat your container. This prevents the wax from cracking or appearing funky once it sets.

10. Once the container is warmed, you can take a glue dot or glue gun and apply to the bottom of the wick. Glue wick to the middle of the container.

11. With the chopsticks, slide the wick in between them so the chopsticks rest on the top of the container. If your chopsticks are not connected, wrap a rubber
band around one end. The purpose of this is to keep your wick straight while
the candle sets.

12. Once temperature lowers to 120 degrees, you can pour the wax! Pour slowly and leave a little space of about a half an inch at the top of the container.

13. Let sit overnight. Then remove the chopsticks and trim the wick to about a

quarter of an inch.

14. Voila! You have your very own soy candle!

Cleanup: Since leftover wax shouldn’t go down the drain, I usually pour as much excess as I can into the trash. The rest I scrub out with hot water and pour over a bit of cheesecloth or paper towel on a strainer.

Use different colors and fragrances to create different candles! Also, don’t forget to visit Lucy’s Etsy shop to purchase your own and use the code “InstaSave” to save 10% off of your purchase.

Second also, make sure to LOVE her on Facebook and Instagram!

Another big giant thank you to Lucy for providing me with her amazing candles and this DIY project! To all who will tackle this incredible DIY…


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