Here Comes The Bride Sign

This summer has been the busiest for me (in every good way imaginable)! Recently, two friends of mine were married in Montauk and the bride asked me to create a sign that said, “here comes the bride” for the ring bearer to carry down the isle. The project was so easy, but the impact was great! Following the wedding, the beautiful bride Krystal asked me to share this project with all of my DIY Huntress followers. So here it goes! If you’re getting married anytime soon, this is one project that will easily add to your special day.

What You’ll Need:

Printer & Computer


Photoshop (or a free alternative)

The Steps:

1. Cut a piece of plywood to your desired size. For my sign, I cut my piece to 8.5″ x 14.5″ (I apologize for not having a photo of the raw wood or the cutting process). If you’re not someone who uses power tools, your local hardware store can assist you by cutting the plywood for you.

2. Paint your wood a desired base color. For mine, I chose beige.

3. Open photoshop and set your dimensions to match the size of your sign.

4. Once set, play around with your design until you arrive at your desired look.

5. Print the picture onto multiple pieces of paper and cut the seams to match up the lettering.

6. Once cut, tape the pieces together to make one larger image.

7. Use a shadowbox technique to trace the letters on the back of your piece of paper. I did this by simply taping my image to my window and tracing the backwards letters with a #2 pencil.

8. Once your letters are traced, tape your piece of paper, right side up, onto your painted plywood.

9. Begin to shade in each letter by pressing down hard on the pencil. This will begin to help the letters you traced transfer onto the wood.

10. Once your letters are transferred, paint them with your second color.

When dry, you can drill holes into the top of your sign and thread rope or twine through them for easy carrying (unfortunately, my DIY pictures of drilling and tying were lost in the process, but here’s the final result).

It was so cute to see the little ring bearer carry the sign before watching by friend walk down the isle! The entire wedding was such a blast! Montauk weddings are seriously the best! Here are some pictures from the wedding!

I hope that the summer is treating everyone well! If you have any fun summer projects you’d like to share, feel free to post them on my Facebook wall or message them to me on Instagram! I’ll feature my favorites on social media!

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  1. The spouses hues for this wedding were midnight blue, dim and white. The written work is all done in midnight blue. Two openings were penetrated at the highest point of the wood to permit a string to experience it so the ring carrier could wear it around his neck, It could likewise simply be held by the ring conveyor, staying nearby his neck is a simple approach to guarantee the right side is confronting at the correct time

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