Gold Dinosaur Holiday Ornaments

I won’t lie… sometimes I just hate December because it means finals and extra graduate work (hence, why it’s been since Thanksgiving since we last spoke)! However, sometimes I also love December. Nothing beats the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees, holidays with loved ones, and adorable ornaments! Speaking of ornaments, Darby Smart sent me some awesome items to play with, including some cute dino figurines. Of course my DIY mind was like, “these would be so cute as ornaments!” So, wah-laa! I created these gold dinosaur ornaments for our family tree! They make such a cute impact! Want to learn how to make your own? Here’s how!

What You’ll Need:
Dinosaur Figurines (you can purchase them here!)
Liquid Gold Leaf
Eye Hooks


The Steps:

1. First, start by painting all of your funky dinos with a liquid leaf to give them some glow!

2. Once dry, twist your eye hooks into the back or head of the dinosaurs. These will be used to tie your twine through for hanging.

3. Tie your twine or string through the hook.

4. Hang on your tree and admire your handy work!

How easy is that!?

Good news is I’m giving these dinos away to one lucky winner! Want to win? Make sure to enter on Facebook and Instagram for your chance!

I want to see pictures of your favorite ornaments! Tag them to me on Instagram as #diyhuntress! Can’t wait!



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