Tree Trunk Chalkboard

Well, the East Coast is getting a blizzard, so I made sure to stock up on the most important things: milk, bread, and crafting supplies! While most people might be bummed about the snow, I’m stoked to have two days off of work and school to sit home and craft! Travel bans are in place as well, so why not use that as an excuse for a crafting party? While digging through my crafting closet, I found a few basic supplies to make an adorable tree trunk chalkboard for my home (I also made sure to get to the craft store before the storm, so don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of projects for us soon). But hey, nothing like a quick and easy project to get you through a lazy snow day (or, days)!

What You’ll Need:

Tree Trunk (I bought mine at Michael’s Crafts)
Chalkboard Paint
Paint Brush
Chalkboard Pen
Hooks (for hanging)

The Steps:

1. Paint your tree trunk with several coats of chalkboard paint for an even finish.

2. Once dry, use chalkboard pen to write on your trunk! If you wish to hang it, just add hooks!

Affordable, easy, and creative!

To all of my friends on the East Coast and in winter spots, please stay safe, warm, and creative through this blizzard! If you have some favorite snow day crafts, I’d love to see them! Please feel free to share them with me on Instagram and Facebook!

Warm wishes to you all!


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