10 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In

Hello all of my fellow freezing cold winter-weather friends! As most people know, the east coast seems to keep getting slammed with snow and ice! I get it’s winter, and I can totally handle that, but all of these cancelled classes and work days have me feeling a bit stir crazy. I know you guys feels me on this. So, while I’m stuck inside today on this icy day with a blanket and tea, I decided to surf the web for some fun indoor projects that can be done for a few bucks and with materials you may already have laying around your house. Check out my 10 favorites!

1. Make Nutella Hot Chocolate

 Image from thekitchn.com

All this recipe calls for is 1 & 1/2 cups of milk, 1/3 cups of Nutella, and Cinnamon and Liqueur (if you’re feeling frisky)! Check out the full recipe here!

2. Create Vacation Memory Maps

Image From Martha Stewart

While cozied up at home in the snow, spend some time thinking warm thoughts and remembering your fun vacations. Martha Stewart has an adorable project using maps to display fun vacations!

3. Get Organized With Free Printables

Image From Simply Stacie

Why not use your time stuck indoors to get organized!? Simply Stacie has free printables to get your whole life in order! Check them out and crack away at those to do lists!

4. Make Mason Jar Salads (Meal Prep!)

Image from Lasso The Moon

We all know that there are literally hundreds of ways to use mason jars, but this way is amazingly productive. Prep your salads in mason jars (just in case you get snowed in for longer than you’d like). There are so many options and they are all listed here! Check it out!

5. Rearrange Your Family Photos

Image from DIY Crafts and Ideas

Use your downtime to organize photos. This tutorial provides maps of eye-catching patterns for easy displaying!

6. Create A Corkboard With Old Corks

Image from The 3 R’s

For all of you wine drinkers out there, this one is for you. After you finish a few bottles while snowed in, use your collection of corks to make a cute corkboard! Check out the post here!

7. Create Coffee Filter Snow Flakes

Image from The Pink Couch

This cute project can be done using coffee filters and some scissors. It’s a great project to keep the kids occupied on a budget! Visit The Pink Couch for the full tutorial.

8. Create A Funky Collage

Image from Roadkill Rescue

Have old magazines laying around? The kids going crazy? You’re feeling stir crazy? Cut up some photos and get funky! Collages are a fun way to keep sane and make something cute! Take a peek at this one I found on Pinterest!

9. Make Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes

Image from Whipperberry

Okay, there are so many things about this project that I love. First, it’s a knockoff of an expensive brand that I am obsessed with. Second, it’s so darn cute! All you need for this fun project is mason jars, small tree figurines, hot glue, and fake snow. Okay, okay, so maybe you don’t have a fake mini tree hanging around. But, at least you can prepare before the storm! Take a look at the full tutorial on Whipperberry!

10. Make Homemade Tea (In a Mason Jar, Of Course)

Image from Thirsty for Tea

Stay warm by making some homemade tea and drinking them out of mason jars while thinking summer thoughts. For awesome tea recipes, visit Thirsty for Tea!

How about you? Do you have a favorite project to do when you’re stuck indoors? Tell me about it!

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