DIY Comic Book Clock

Comic books used to keep me so occupied as a kid (okay, I admit it, they still do as an adult). I used to love going to the store with my dad on Sundays and getting a new Batman comic. In fact, I still have many of them stored away in boxes for safe keeping. When my brother applied for college, he was provided with books of artwork, photography, and cool comics. I kept wishing that I could hang everything I saw in frames on my wall… and then I found an awesome clock backing on sale at Michael’s Crafts for $2. Hellloooo new comic book clock. Would I have preferred a batman comic clock? Yes. But, I don’t want to cut up my Batman comics! So, I used some pretty rad art from his sample books to create a pretty a cool addition to my artsy inspiration wall.

When looking through the book I stumbled upon this one comic that matched the color scheme in my room. It was a two page spread, so it took some editing on my part, but the result was actually really cool! Also, my buddy over at Glued-N-Screwed (make sure you check out his amazing blog) with permissions from DAP provided me with some really cool adhesive sprays that I couldn’t wait to try! Seriously, this stuff rocks…

What You’ll Need:



Comic Strips (or any other print you like)

DAP Adhesive Spray
Wooden Clock Face
Clock Arm Kit (I got mine at Michael’s)

Construction paper (optional)

The Steps:

1. Find an image or comic strip that you really dig.

2. Cut out the pages of the book or photo and try to match up the seams as close as possible.

3. Use your DAP Adhesive Spray to spray your clock face (FYI, this adhesive spray is THE best smelling adhesive spray I have ever used. Nice and lemon-y).

4. Line up your images on the clock face. Be careful though, because once your place your paper down it will stick!

5. There will be excess paper hanging off the back, so I chose to fold and wrap it the way I would wrap a present.

6. If there is a gap left over in the back that really bothers you (like mine), adhere a piece of construction paper to it for a neater look.
7. Use your scissor to find the hole in the clock face and punch it out.
8. Place the clock mechanism through the hole and assemble as per instructions on the package it came with.
9. Kick some butt, take some names, and display your awesome new clock.

 Seriously, how COOL is this project? It only cost me around $9 to make, and took about 30 minutes to complete. You can use ANY photo, article, or crazy textured paper you want for this clock and it will still look awesome.

What cool images or comics do you think you’d use for your comic book clock? I want to know!

As always, if you decide to make a project that’s on my blog, I’d love to see it! Hashtag your projects as #diyhuntress on social media!

May the force be with you.

A gigantic THANK YOU to Frank from Glued-N-Screwed as well as DAP for providing me with the adhesive for this project. You guys are awesome!


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