Gold Critter Ring Dish

It’s snowing again in New York. That means plans are cancelled… and it’s officially a craft day! I know I’m not the only one who has seen adorable little critter dishes all over the place… In fact, I’ve seen them so much, that I convinced myself I needed one with one my favorite animals on it. With all the material needed for this project, I only spent around $10 in total. Simple. Affordable. Adorable. Want to add a cute critter ring dish to your resume? It’s so simple… I’ve got your back.

Before beginning, what I forgot to mention is that I am the QUEEN at losing jewelry. I never put it away in the same spot, and it always gets misplaced. So, now that I have a cute place to put my favorite things, I’ll never lose anything again!

What You’ll Need:

Small Animal Toys
Gold Paint Pen
Gorilla Glue


The Steps:

1. Use your paint pen to color in your figurine.

 2. If you wish to decorate your dish, use a pencil or chalk to draft a design (I chose a wave-like pattern to match my cute octopus).

3. Once you have drafted the design, fill it in with the gold pen to match.

4. Use Gorilla Glue to glue your figurine to your dish.

5. Place your most valued rings and jewelry in the dish for safe keeping. Never lose a pair of earrings again!

So, what do you think!? What critter will be using for your dish?

As always, share your projects to social media and #diyhuntress! I can’t wait to see!

Ps. Stay warm out there friends! Spring is so close!



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