How Some Elbow Grease Made A Wagon Wishing Well

Photo Courtesy of JBP

I never had sisters growing up, but in life, you always end up adopting new siblings… so when my “older sister” told me that she was having a baby, I was so excited! She had also made sure to mention in passing that she wanted me to make her wishing well… and that she wanted it to be a wagon. Honestly, at first, I was SO excited about the idea of making the wishing well… until I realized how hard it was to find a cute wagon! After weeks of scouring Craigslist (I have such a love/hate relationship with that darn website) and Google, and dozens of emails later, I finally found a wagon! But… it needed A LOT of TLC. Here’s my chronicled journey of the ugly-duckling-turned-swan wagon, and just a brief reminder that a little bit of TLC goes a LONG way.

Ps… I bet you can’t even guess what this wagon looked like before I got my hands on it. 

Okay.. brace yourselves…


My first thought when I saw this wagon was honestly, “OH MY GOODNESS I FINALLY FOUND A WAGON!” But my second thought was more along the lines of, “What the ‘eff was I thinking?” I’d say the term “eclectic” was the polite way to describe this hot mess…
It was so important for me to look past the crazy ugly mess of this rough and tough wagon I had picked up on Craigslist. It was a center for dust bunnies that was covered in a sporty paint job. But, if I remembered anything, it was that everything in life has the potential to be something greater. So, that being said, I took apart the gross old wagon, whipped out my sander, and got to work.

After hours of sanding, I was able to finally see through the crazy red grime! While I already knew that Radio Flyers were great wagons, I was so impressed by the condition of the wood.

Once sanded, I grabbed some of my amazing General Finishes stain and lightly stained all of the pieces – rubbing the excess stain off with a cloth.

I also made sure to clean out the grimy inside, and use a fun pink color and a satin finish from CeCe Caldwell’s for a fun, feminine touch.

All-in-all, the wagon turned out great! It was cute, rustic, and ready to be displayed at a baby shower!

Even better, once baby Ameliana was born, my amazing sister (along with her incredibly talented photographer, Janelle Brooke) used the wagon for some beautiful newborn pictures! I can’t wait to watch this little babe grow up and make new memories with her rustic wagon. Hey, one day she may just hop on DIY Huntress and see what it used to look like.

Photo Courtesy of JBP
But anyway, the moral of the story is that everything in life has the potential to be beautiful with a little bit of TLC. So, get out there, and find the potential in something a little weird! You’ve got this!

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In the meantime… and as always…

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