Target Hack: DIY Rustic Arrow Marquee Light

You know that saying, “I came to Target for ONE thing and walked out with a hundred!” (or something like that)? Yeah… well, guilty as charged. Took my mom on a trip to Target for a single item, but ended up walking out with an AWESOME marquee light. In fact, the light was so awesome, that when I found it I just examined it in the isle for 5 minutes and ideas started spewing out of my brain. At one point I even looked up to see my mom laughing at me because it was evident that the turning gears in my head were showing. While the light was awesome on it’s own, it just screamed out for some cool wood planking, and I couldn’t resist. Here’s how I transformed a plain ol’ metal marquee, into a rustic charm – just in case you’d like to do the same to your own!

What You’ll Need:

Miter Saw
Drill & Step Bit


Marquee Light
Wood Planks
Gorilla Glue


The Steps:

1. First, I started by removing the bulbs from the front of the marquee. I put them in a safe place for later.

2. Next, I removed the backplate from the sign and and pulled all the lights from their holes.

3. I made sure to tape down the wires to the back of the marquee for neater storage.

4. Once the wires were taped down, I placed the arrow face down onto my recycled planks of wood.

5. From here, I traced the arrow onto the wood planks for cutting references.

6. I then used my miter saw to cut the angles and straight marks on the wood (for more complex cuts, I busted out the handy ol’ jigsaw).

7. As I cut, I attempted to fit the pieces into place. Some required some trimming or sanding in order to fit.

8. Once all of the pieces were cut, I Gorilla Glue’d them onto the marquee.

9. Since the shape of the marquee was a little weird, I couldn’t clamp the wood. Instead, I used heavy objects and allowed them to lay on top of the arrow overnight.

10. Next, I used a wood bit that matched the size of the holes for the lights to drill from the back of the arrow to the front (to match up the holes).

11. Because the wood added an extra layer of thickness, I used a step drill bit that helped tear through the metal to taper the back of the light holes. This helped with fitting the threaded piece of the light through the wood, without making the opening too big for the bulb.

12. Finally, I replaced the bulbs, added some Double A batteries and replaced the back. Done!

I feel like the wood pieces added an extra feel to the marquee. I seriously love it.

Andddd… although this project was sort-of-kind-of a pain at times, the results were totally worth it!Not bad for a $13 project… What do you think?

PS. Before I forget! I started a new hashtag on social media – #diyhunted! Tag your hunted and tackled projects for a chance to be featured on my Instagram every Friday! I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

In the meantime…

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