Home Depot DIH Workshop: DIY Wooden Home Address Wheelbarrow


To help spread the word about The Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself (DIH) Workshops, myself and a handful of awesomely talented bloggers were asked to share our spin on a cute wooden wheelbarrow project. Well, today is the day for our big virtual party, and here’s my take! A fun home address wheelbarrow! Here’s how I made mine, and how YOU can make your own at a FREE workshop near your home!

My parents’ house is the cutest, but their house number has been on the ground for ages – so, this was my creative fix! The project only took about an hour and added a really awesome impact to the rentals’ yard.


What You’ll Need:


Miter Saw
Jig Saw
½” Drill Bit
Measuring Tape

Crates and Pallet Large Wood Crate
2 ̋x 8 ̋x 8 ́ Prime Kiln Dried Board
(3) Pressure-Treated 36 ̋x2 ̋x 2 ̋ Wood Square End Baluster
1⁄2 ̋ x 48 ̋ Wood Round Dowel
2 ½” Multi-Material Screws
1″ Wood Screws

The Steps:

1. Measure and cut the following:

(2) 8″ Legs from one Wood Square End Baluster
(1) 3 ¾” Wheel Axel from Round Dowel

2. Use a compass to map out a 7″ wide circle on the 2 ̋x 8 ̋x 8 ́ Prime Kiln Dried Board.


3. Cut out the circle with a jig saw.


4. Use the ½” drill bit to drill a hole through the center of the wheel for the axel to fit.

5. Paint your wheel. I used Rustoleum’s Hammered spray for mine!


6. Measure and mark the center of both remaining Wood Square End Balusters at 1 ¼” from the ends. Using the ½” drill bit, drill a hole halfway through the baluster at the center mark. This is where the axel for the wheel will go.

7. Insert the axel through the wheel, and install the wheel into the square balusters. Once this is done, screw the balusters onto the bottom of the crate with2 ½” screws – make sure the front of the balusters and the wheel overhang by 6″.



8. Add the smaller 8″ balusters to the outsides of the longer balusters to create the feet. Screw them into the sides of the longer balusters and the bottom of the crate.


9. Sand and stain the wheelbarrow.


10. Seal the wheelbarrow for outdoor protection – I used a spray finish to get into all of the nooks & crannies.


11. Add your house number.


Display your house number with love!


If you liked this project, make sure to sign up for you FREE local Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshop by clicking this link: http://thd.co/2bOSbvr

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