DIY Pallet Wood Christmas Tree


If you’re a last minute, plant killing, money saving human like I am, then oh man do I have the project for you. Christmas is really close, and I just started decorating! Why? Mostly because I’m insanely busy. But, also because I couldn’t come to grips with the idea of taking care of another plant. Problem solved. I created our tree out of pallets this year! Want to learn how? You can! Here and on YouTube!

All kidding aside, I really suck at taking care of plants. Pretty sure I’ve killed every single on I’ve ever owned… yes, including ones you barely need to water. I swear I’m cursed. So, to save money, aggravation, and a poor plant’s life, I decided to tackle my insanely large pile of pallets and create a tree from them!


Don’t want to read all about it? No sweat, you can watch the full tutorial on YouTube!

Here’s how I did it…

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What You’ll Need:


Miter Saw
Nail Gun
Tape Measure

Wood Glue
(I used DAP Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive)
Brad Nails

The Steps:

1. Gather your pallet boards and lay them out on the floor in an order that makes you happy.


2. Cut an angle guide by setting your miter saw to 30 degrees and making a triangle from scrap wood.


3. Use the guide to trace your first piece – the top of the tree.


4. Use a measuring tape to measure 3/4″ inward from the end of the first triangle. Make sure to mark both sides. These markings will be where you will start your next piece.


5. Continue to use your guide to make your tree. Each level will start 3/4″ inward on both sides from the one above.


6. Keeping the miter saw to one side, make 30 degree cuts on one side of the tree.


7. Once one side of the tree is done, flip the miter saw to the opposite 30 degree marking and cut the other side.


8. Place your pieces back together on the floor in order.


9. Flip your pieces over. Cut & attach support beams for the back. Use wood adhesive and a nail gun. My tree will be leaning against the wall, so it didn’t make sense to create a stand.


10. Sand your tree.


11. Place your presents underneath and display with pride!


This project was a fun excuse for me to get rid of some of the wood I had laying around. Plus, it looks way cute in our new apartment, and I won’t be killing any christmas trees in the near future. WIN.

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There are tons more holiday and pre-New Year ideas coming up on the blog, so be sure to keep an eye out! In the meantime, I hope you’ll share some projects you’ve been working on to my hashtags on social media: #diyhunted & #diyhuntress. I love seeing what you guys are working on!

Until next time!


* A huge holiday thank you to DAP Products for sponsoring this holiday post! Although they helped spread the cheer, all design ideas and opinions are my own.


  1. Really neat, Sam. I like how you used pallet wood even for the backer supports. While I do have a tree, I think I’d like to make one of these as decoration for another room in our house. Thanks for the inspiration!

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