DIY Inspirational Signs

I decided to take a break from Halloween crafting this week when my inspiration was sparked by the cutest signs I saw in a local store! Inspirational signs are all the rage in home decorating, but none of the ones I saw had the exact quote or feel I was looking for. So, I thought… when all else fails, make your own!

Creating a simple sign is super easy to do and lot a cheaper than buying signs from that cute boutique in town! Plus, you can add your own lyrics or quotes to make them one of a kind!

What You’ll Need:

Pre-Cut or Self-Cut Wood Pieces
Self-Made Stencil
Sandpaper (optional)

The Steps:

1. Measure out your wood pieces to get the dimensions you need for your template.

2. Open up Photoshop, or any program that allows you to create templates based on inches.

3. Set your new document to the size of your wood piece (make sure you are working in inches, not pixels).

4. Pick a font and a quote and lay it out the way you want to see it on your board.

5. Print out your template for later.

6. Paint your board two colors. One for the base and one for the topcoat.  By using two different colors you can later sand away at the edges to reveal the base color and get a cute vintage feel!

7. When your board dries, but is still a little tacky, tape your template to the top.

8. Trace over your letters with a pen, but make sure you press hard enough to feel it make an imprint in your piece of wood.

9. Trace your imprints with the color paint of your choice and then paint them in the way you like.

10. When you are done you can sand down your edges for a cute vintage look!

Use different size and shapes of boards with similar lyrics or quotes to create a wall or mural of inspirational signs! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Great idea. Love the colors! Thank you for the tutorial including a how-to on placing template on top, and tracing letters with enough pressure for outline to show through!!! I've got some sign projects and didn't like the stencil letters I have. Now I can use any font I print out. Awesome!!!! Following you now through google, follow me to at
    And, Thank you for your lovely compliments on my chalk board table post. That's how I found you! Cheers

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