Fence Post Flag

Over the summer my friend saw these cute flags at a crafts fair in Montauk, but they were so expensive! Because I love her, I promised I’d make one for her for cheaper, and here we are! The whole project only cost me $14, and it was super easy (plus it doubled as a birthday present, since her birthday is July 4th)! Here’s how I did it…

To start, here are the original flags:

What You’ll Need:

Pliers (for fencing attached to wiring)

Fence Posts
Paint Brushes

The Steps:

1. If you purchase fencing that is already attached with wire, you’ll have to remove the wiring. You can also purchase individual fence slabs or recycle old wooden fencing for this project as well!

2. Once you have the slabs you need for the project paint them your designated colors.

3. When they dry you have to nail them together by nailing another fencing slab to the back of the flag.

4. When your flag is nailed together you can start adding the finishing details such as stars.

5. If you’re having trouble free handing your stars, print out a picture of your design and cut it out with a razor. Use the cut out as a stencil for your flag!

6. Sand down your flag for a weathered look, or keep it bright and beautiful. Your choice!

Use your extra fencing for inspirational signs or other similar flag projects!

As always, if you have any questions about the project feel free to leave a comment or email me at DIYhuntress@gmail[dot]com!

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