DIY Mason Jar Pencil Sharpener

diy mason jar pencil sharpenerRecently I survived through this ordeal called “finals week” at school. If there was anything that finals week inspired me to do, it was create a custom pencil sharpener with my overwhelming collection of mason jars! This cute little jar added such an impact to my work space. Besides, who doesn’t want to look at rainbow colored shavings all day? Want to learn how to make one yourself? It’s so simple!

What You’ll Need:
mason jar project



Mason Jar
Handheld Pencil Sharpener

Gorilla Glue

The Steps:

1. Find a drill bit that is as wide (or wider) than the opening of your sharpener. I chose to use the smaller side of the sharpener for this project (as you can see, the one I purchased came with two sizes).

2. Locate the center of your mason jar cap with the drill.

3. Drill a hole through the top of the mason jar.

how to make a mason jar pencil sharpener4. Match up the opening of the pencil sharpener with the hole you created.

5. Use Gorilla Glue to adhere the sharpener to the bottom of the cap.

6. Hold for 30 seconds (as per recommendation of Gorilla Glue).

7. Add an extra seal with the glue.

8. Let it dry overnight.9. Sharpen every pencil in your house.There is another way that this project can be completed. If you happen to find a plastic sharpener with a rim, you can push this through the hole in your mason jar to create another type of seal!

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    1. Seriously, that easy! Definitely recommend waiting overnight for the glue to dry though! That's my one big critique on this project. Other than that, super easy! Hope you'll try it out! 🙂

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