Pumpkin Lanterns

How about this for a riddle? What do you get when you put a pumpkin, a power drill, and a DIY blogger in the same room? I think you got it…

Halloween is so close, I can feel it! This week my family and I spent some quality Fall-togetherness picking pumpkins and apples at a cute farm in the Hamptons. On the way back, I found some faux ones for re-use as well.  So, when I got home I spent some quality time with these pumpkins and my drill… and, well, taa-daa! I made some pretty cute lanterns!

Want to make your own lanterns? Well… it’s SO easy!

What You’ll Need:

Bits In Varying Sizes

Pumpkins (real or faux)

Flameless Candle

The Steps:

1. Mark dots on your pumpkins where you want your holes for your lantern.

2. Drill through the holes with your drill bits. Alternating sizes as you go.

(I started with a large bit, and then did every other hole with a small bit)

Add some light inside by cutting out section in the back of the pumpkin and there you have it! How friggin’ awesome is that?

A fun Fall project for the whole family (and if you use foam pumpkins you can recycle them for next year too)! I can’t wait to reuse these puppies again year after year!

Have any fun carvings you’d like to share? Let me know! I’d love to see them!

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