DIY Glass Etched Mason Jars

It’s been a while! I was so proud of myself for not getting sick all Winter… and then Spring popped up… and I got sick for a few weeks. But, I’m back! I also received some AMAZING care packages in the mail while I was resting, which made for some fun projects. Of course, now that Spring is here, I am thawing out, feeling warm and fuzzy, and already anticipating warm summer weather. So, when Eric from Glass Etching Secrets offered to teach me how to etch my own mason jars for the Summer, I was stoked! He sent me an amazing gift package and provided me with some awesome glass etching instructions to pass on to you guys! I did not realize how easy it was to etch a design into glass… like, seriously easy.

For this project, I thought it would be awesome to make some mason jar tumblers, as I love using them to drink out of anyway. Eric made me some custom stencils for this project, but if you wish to make your own, make sure to check out my past DIY Stencil tutorial for easy instructions!

What You’ll Need:


Glass Etching Cream (this one is recommended)

Mason Jars
Tumbler Tops (purchased at Michael’s)

Popsicle Stick

The Steps:

1. After your stencil has been created (using this tutorial), adhere it onto the mason jar.

2. Once the stencil is set, use a popsicle stick to place a thick layer of glass etching cream to the stencil. Make sure to be careful that you do not get any on your hands or on parts of the glass that you do not wish to be etched.

3. Wait about 10 minutes.

4. Use lukewarm water to wash the cream off of the stencil and jar.

5. Peel away your stencil.

6. Replace your mason jar tops with tumbler tops!

That’s it! I always thought that glass etching was a huge, expensive project. But, after being connected with Eric, I realize how easy and affordable it is.

Best part is that you can use the jar of etching cream for many other projects. Get creative and make personalized gifts for friends and family members! Warm weather will be here soon, so let’s start crafting in time to enjoy our summer creations! Who’s with me?

What will you be creating this Spring? Share it with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

P.S. I just wanted to shoot a HUGE thank you to Eric for teaching me how to etch! Please give him a visit at his website and check out his E-Book on glass etching! There are lots of fun things to discover!
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    1. Hi Leslie! I used stencils from the craft store that were already vinyl adhesives. If you are using regular stencils without a sticky back, you can attach them with painters tape. Hope that helps!

  1. Hi! I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be willing to test out some of my glass etching craft supplies for free for feedback. Can you let me know if you are interested by email? I will ship the supplies to you all for free with cream and stencils. Urgently, waiting for your reply. Thanks Eric

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