DIY Wicker Basket Flower Box

Happy June everyone! Summer is right around the corner! Summer for me usually means yoga on the beach and working late nights… however, with school being a large part of my summer this year I’m limiting my beach time and strengthening my gardening skills. With our backyard complete, it’s time to add the smaller details that make a yard fun! I had an extra basket laying around, so I decided to make it into a flower box for our zen garden. It was so easy and only cost me the price of the flowers and soil. An easy, affordable, and GREEN project? What could be better than that!?

Like I mentioned, this project was not only extremely easy, but extremely green. I used recycled materials for our planters!

What You’ll Need:

Screwdriver or Pen

Wicker Basket
Plastic Shopping Bag
The Steps:1. Use your stapler to staple the plastic bag to the inside of the wicker basket.
2. Once attached, use a pencil or screwdriver to poke holes in the bag for drainage.

3. Place potting soil in the basket.

4. Plant your beautiful flowers (or be like Titan and relax while someone else does all of the work).

5. Water and display!

How easy, beautiful, and green!?

As the summer nears I promised myself I’d grow a green thumb. I even bought my very first succulent! I can’t wait to share more gardening ideas with all of you!

Do you have a favorite gardening project? Please share it with me!

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