DIY Wooden Holiday Gift Tags

 Okay… I’m breaking my whole “no holiday posts before Thanksgiving” rule, but I just couldn’t resist! I’ve been so busy filling custom holiday sign orders, that it was only fair I get into the holly jolly spirit. Also, when Darby Smart contacted me to create a custom gift tag for their holiday competition with GAP, I jumped for joy! But, me being me, I just had to take the gift tag game to a new level. So, I created some custom wood gift tags! Practical? Maybe not. Awesome? TOTALLY. Want to learn how to make your own? You got it!

What You’ll Need:
Bandsaw or Jig Saw
Sander/Sand Paper
Straight Edge
1. Trace an old gift tag or draw a new design using your pencil and a straight edge.

2. Using your band saw or jig saw, cut out your design.

3. Sand down the rough edges of the tag(s).

4. Use your newly cut tag to trace more tags (if you desire).

5. Use your drill to create a hole in the top of the tag for the twine.

6. Measure the hole by threading the twine through the drilled hole.

7. Trace or paint your design onto the tag.

8. Give away some gifts!

 Cool gift tags are awesome… but cool tags are even more awesome when they are made by hand. Best part about these is that they not only look unique, but they can be decorated in any way you wish! The back can even be used to designate a “to” and “for” as well!
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