DIY Retro Side Table


Let’s be real. I am the uncrowned queen of losing the remote. I swear the bed eats it every night and it’s totally not my fault. At this point, it’s getting a bit ridiculous and my other half is ready to tape it to my hand. I need my hands though, so instead of tape, I came up with a better idea; I decided to take some cash out of my yoga teaching fund and create a cute retro-styled side table to house my important gadgets.  Plus side, mid century modern and retro furniture are coming back into style. So, I get to join the cool kids club and binge-watch Netflix at the same time.

A lot of people ask me for easy beginner furniture projects, and I have to admit that this retro build is a GREAT starter project. If you just have some basic tools and a Kreg Jig, this project will be a cake-walk! Just a few little pointers to get it to look like mine…

I decided I didn’t want the piece to look brand new (because real retro pieces have age and are charming as fluff). So, I used a semi-aggressive grit (right around 150) when sanding and played around with the direction I was sanding in. I felt like it added a fun element to the piece and made it look like I stole it from my parents’ first pad. I also decided to go with a satin finish, which helped to pull some of the imperfections out of the wood.


While the plans are currently on Build Something, I couldn’t include a complete, comprehensive list of the hardware used for the project listed there. So, for those of you wondering, here are some of the essentials that are easily found online:

(4) 16″ Tapered Legs
(4) Angled Top Leg Mounting Plates
(1) Set of 6″ Drawer Slides
(1) Modern Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull

If you came here first, you can click on the image below for the full woodworking plans (and then come back here for that important list later).


As always, if you have any questions when building my projects, please do not hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from you. Also, be sure to tag your DIY Huntress projects to #diyhunted or #diyhuntress on social media!


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I hope you all love this build as much as I did! Until next time…

*This project is sponsored by Kreg & All plans, ideas, helpful hints, and mid-century modern madness are my own.

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  1. Damn, is this the finish you weren’t happy about on Insta? (So I stalk you, who cares?) Because it looks soooo good! I know how crappy it feels when something isn’t turning out how you envisioned it but this side table is seriously the and I think the stain is perfect for the mid-century vibe!

    1. Yes! It was! Ahahah. I ended up being pretty happy with it after all that! I always get a bit crazy when I’m going through the process… Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by to share some love!

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