Home Depot DIH Workshop Announcement: Wooden Wheelbarrow

diy wooden wheelbarrow
Guys, it’s happening again! I’ve partnered up with an insanely talented group of bloggers for a new round of Home Depot’s DIY Workshops. This time, our project is tailored toward you lovely ladies out there and will be offered at a free Do-It-Herself Workshop in your area. 

This round, myself and a few other talented bloggers will be sharing the steps to make adorable rustic wheelbarrows! This project aims to encourage some more awesome ladies to get their hands on some power tools and start building! My kind of project.

If you’re interested in signing up early for a DIH Event near you, you can sign up for free by clicking this link: http://thd.co/2bOSbvr

In the meantime, be sure to be on the lookout for my version of the project next Monday! I’ll be sharing my own tutorial as well as some others’! Can’t wait!

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