DIY Wood Burned Fall Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means tons of food, family time, and adorable fall decor! This Thanksgiving, I am lucky enough to partner with my friends at Bernzomatic to create a rustic, wood burned centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table. We love buffet style Thanksgiving tables and potluck dinners, so why not add some spice to our utensil holder as well? 

I have a really large extended family that comes from many different cultural backgrounds, which makes holidays a ton of fun! But, being that we host so many people, doesn’t makes sense for us to have a formal sit down dinner. Instead, we host a buffet style table and allow everyone to choose their own seats and fend for themselves in the utensil department. Hence, the practical Thanksgiving centerpiece!

One of my favorite parts about this centerpiece is that it only took one afternoon to make! Having the ability to torch wood instead of stain it not only adds an authentic, rustic look, but also saves tons of dry time! Want to see how easy this is? Here are the steps!

What You’ll Need:

Bernzomatic torch

Berzomatic TS4000
Miter Saw
Nail Gun
Screw Gun
Rag/Paper Towel
Tape Measure
Heat Resistant Gloves

(1) 1 x 6 x 6′
(4) Corner Brackets With Screws
1″ Brad Nails
(4) Mason Jars
Wood Glue

The Steps:

1. Cut the following pieces at 45 degree bevels:

(2) Long Side Pieces @ 16 ½”
(2) Short Side Pieces @ 5″

How to cut a bevel

Make sure to clamp down the piece and use all appropriate safety gear when cutting.

How to make a wood box

2. Cut a straight bottom panel @ 16″ long.

How to make a wood box

3. Attach all pieces with wood glue and 1″ brad nails. The brad nails will help hold the centerpiece together while allowing room for expansion when torching.

How to make a fall centerpiece

How to attach miters

4. Use the Berzomatic TS4000 to torch the centerpiece. This part is so much fun! Just make a couple of passes over the box until it darkens in color.

Wood burning finish

5. Use a rag to wipe down the box and remove any excess residue. You can seal your piece in this step as well. However, I chose to keep mine natural.

How to torch wood

6. Attach the corner brackets with a screw gun.

How to attach corner brackets

Add your mason jars and display your centerpiece proudly at the Thanksgiving table!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Now thanks to Bernzomatic, our family can have their cake, turkey, stuffing and eat it too (because missing utensils are a thing of the past). I can’t wait to see this centerpiece come to life at our Thanksgiving dinner!

Want to save this piece for next year’s party? Don’t forget to Pin It for later!

Want to see some more awesome projects made with Bernzomatic products? Make sure to check out their other talented Torch Bearers and their awesome projects on Bernzomatic’s website!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!

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  1. Wonderful post. Decorate my home outside and inside with gourds, leaves, pumpkins, nuts and other seasonal substances for beautiful fall DIY presentations. Your post is very useful for me. Please update it. You can also visit my blog for more information.Thank you.

  2. What a great idea! It’s practical and looks amazing 🙂 You said the burnt effect will save you time with staining but would you recommend sealing the wood with some kind of clear top coat? Anyway, thanks for sharing Sam!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! Sealing doesn’t hurt! I like to use a spray on poly when sealing (unless it’s a food-safe surface, and then I’ll use mineral oil).

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