3 DIY Easy Boho Wall Art Projects

how to make boho wall art

Over the past few months I have been struggling with some medical issues with my jaw and that’s forced me to take some time away. But, here’s the thing… I am really bad at taking time away. So, instead I decided to take it easy and make some DIY boho wall art for my apartment. This project was awesome because I was able to make THREE pieces in one weekend and I did it all for under $20! Here’s how!

How To Make Easy Boho Wall Art

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I love that each one of these boho wall art pieces has it’s own personality, so to give them each the time and love they deserve, I’m breaking each one down by project! Even cooler, I was able to make most of these projects happen using leftover materials I had laying around my workshop!

DIY Round Boho Wood & Yarn

diy wood wall art with string

This project was inspired by a $300 art piece I saw online! I was able to make mine for around $7 (with craft store coupons)! Here’s how!

Jig Saw
Iron (Optional)
Router & Straight Bit (Optional)
Staining Tools

¾” Plywood
DAP Rapid Fuse Spray Adhesive
Golden Oak Wood Stain
Iron-On Edge Banding

The Steps:

1. First, I drew a half circle on plywood and cut it out using my jig saw.

cut circle with jig saw

2. Next, I sanded the entire piece flat & added iron-on edge banding to the exposed plywood edges.

adding edge banding to wood

3. Next, I stained my wood art.

how to stain wood art

4. This was an optional step, but I used my router and a straight bit to cut a groove in the back of my plywood for the string to live.

diy wood wall art

5. Next, I sprayed DAP Rapid Fuse Spray Adhesive in the groove, allowed it to get tacky, and added my string. I didn’t worry too much about making the string all the same length because I will be shaping it later.

DAP rapid fuse adhesive spray

6. After letting the artwork dry, I trimmed the yarn to make the entire piece look like a giant circle.

diy easy string art

7. I then added a hook to the back of the wood art and displayed it in my apartment!

adding hook to wall art

Not bad for under $10 in materials!

diy wood wall art with string

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DIY Metal & String Boho Wall Art

boho string art diy

This is a fun project because it is a two-for-one deal!

Miter Saw
Dremel & Metal Cutoff Wheel
Wood Clamps

18″ Embroidery Hoop
3/8″ Dowel
DAP Tank Bond Clear Epoxy
Black Yarn
White/Cream Colored Yarn

The Steps:

1. First, I cut the embroidery wheel in half.

how to cut metal with dremel

2. I then cut a scrap 5/8″ dowel into pieces that fit perfectly in between the ends of the hoop.

diy metal and wood wall art

3. I then sanded the ends of the hoop really well along with the ends of the dowels before adding a decent amount of DAP Tank Bond Clear Epoxy.

DAP tank bond clear epoxy

I clamped everything together for a few hours (this is a great time to work on the other art projects).

how to attach metal to wood

4. Once the epoxy was cured, I began to add my string (you can see this in action in the YouTube video). I didn’t worry about these string being the same length – I trimmed them down after adding them all.

boho string art wall decor

diy easy string art

5. I repeated for the other half & then hung them up!

boho string art diy

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DIY Boho Triangle Wood Art

how to make boho wall art

This piece was inspired by a collection I recently saw at World Market! I loved it so much, but wanted to make my own and layer it with my other art pieces!

Miter Saw
Drill & Drill Bit
Staining Tools

¼” Plywood
12″ Embroidery Hoop
DAP Plastic Wood-X Wood Filler
Jewelry Clasps
American Walnut Stain

The Steps:

1. First I measured and cut a triangle on my miter saw at 30 degree angles to fit inside my embroidery hoop.

cutting triangles on miter saw

2. Next, I sealed the edges of the plywood with DAP Plastic Wood-X Wood Filler and sanded everything down once dry.

DAP plastic wood x filler

3. Once dry, I drilled small holes in each corner for my clasps.

drilling holes in wood

4. I then stained my triangle.

how to stain birch wood

5. I then attached the triangle to the hoop using the clasps.

how to attach wood to metal

I honestly didn’t end up loving this piece as a standalone art piece, so I layered it with some of the other pieces of art!

diy boho home decor

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I actually had a lot of fun taking it easy and working on some small projects last weekend! I do have some big ones coming up soon though, so please make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and my YouTube channel, so you don’t miss a thing!

Until next time friends, Happy DIY’ing!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




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