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5 Easy End of Summer Organization Tips

Summer is sadly coming to an end, which means it’s time to prep for a new season (and for many, back to school)! So, to help you start the fall with a fresh start, I partnered with Hoover to share my 5 easy end of summer organization tips to get you ready for the school year.

5 Easy End Of Summer Organization Tips

This post is sponsored by Hoover. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The end of the summer can be a bittersweet whirlwind of emotions (like, I’m sad that summer break is over… but let’s be real, I am seriously so excited about unfolding my collection of flannel shirts and pumpkins spice lattes). So, I partnered with Hoover to try out their new ONEPWR system to help tackle my to-do list!

With 9 cordless tools sharing the same battery, there are tons of ways to get ready for the fall in a few short hours.

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1. Finally Unpack Your Vacation

One thing that sometimes gets overlooked with the craziness of summer adventure is my travel bag. It’s a constant cycle of packing clean clothes and unpacking dirty ones (plus or minus lots of snacks).

That being said, I don’t always take the time to make sure my bag is completely cleaned out. So, one thing I like to do at the end of a busy travel season is unzip the inner compartments and sleeves of my bag and vacuum everything out. A perfect project for all of the cool attachments on my Hoover ONEPWR™ Blade™ Cordless Vacuum Kit!

2. Clean Out The Carpool

I don’t know about you, but my car becomes four times fuller in the summer… not with people, but with pet and human things! Before going back to school (and seeing familiar faces), I love taking a day to clean out my car. This was definitely made easier this summer with the ONEPWR Wet/Dry Cordless Utility Power Vac.

No lengthy power cords here – just attach the battery and go!

Bonus Tip: I like to keep a plastic tote in my trunk for items in my car that need a home but don’t belong in my house or shop.

Speaking of my shop…

3. Dust Off Your Tools

If you have a [shed]shop, garage, she-shed, man cave… whatever your pseudo-outdoor space is, it’s time to dust it off! Summer means lots of home improvement projects and hangout time. So, take some time to give your shop some love.

I spent some time in my shop with my ONEPWR Cordless Hard Surface Sweeper, dusting off my workspaces and getting debris out of my way. Even cooler, the battery lasted long enough to then carry the sweeper outside to give love to the patio areas as well!

4. Dog Days of Summer

Have pets? Me too! And, I love them so much, but I don’t love their hair or their mess. I like to take some time at the end of the summer to give the boys a good brushing and then clean out their favorite spots like toy bins, dog beds, and the couch.

how to clean up after pets

As much as I love it, I know they love it too!

how to clean pet messes

5. Supermarket Sweep

Last thing on my list is to take some time to clean the high spots in the kitchen and take inventory of what snacks (and varieties of coffee) will be needed for the school year. Nothing feels better than a clean sweep in the kitchen, and the dusting brush that comes with the Hoover ONEPWR™ Blade™ Cordless Vacuum Kit does the job.

Are you ready for the fall and back to school? What are your favorite end of summer cleaning tricks?

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Now get out there and soak up the last few moments of summer. Let’s make it count!

Until next time, friends. Happy DIY’ing!

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.



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