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9 Tips For Organizing Your Workshop

If you follow me on social media, or read my blog often, you’ll know that I’m kind of a neat freak. Okay… lies… I’m a total neat freak. This probably explains why lots of my readers have been asking me for organization tips for their workshops, sheds, and garages. Well, now that we’re about to ring in the new year, there is no better time to provide everyone with some of my favorite organization tips! So, forget the resolution to get to the gym, and make a resolution to get your workspace in top shape (it’s more fun to organize than do cardio workouts anyway). Here are my tips for organizing your workspace on a budget!

Tips For Organizing Your Workshop

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for some of my favorite products. You can use these links to purchase the items listed at no extra cost to you!

1. Install Pegboard

Pegboard is a great way to get your workshop in top shape. In fact, if you can’t afford to do much to your work space, than the best thing to do is invest in some pegboard. With a just a few screws, you can have organization in a snap! Just add some hooks, baskets, and jars, and you’ll be organized in no time.

2. Little Accessories Go A Long Way

Speaking of hooks, baskets, and jars… small accessories make a big impact when it comes to organizing. I seriously swear by the multi-piece pegboard kit organizer I have in my shop. Mine came with fifty (or so) hooks, two plastic jars, and some containers. I also spent a few extra bucks on some pegboard-specific wire baskets for hanging small items such as sandpaper disks, wood stains, and tape measures as well.

PS. If you’re looking for some great organization kits for your own shop without burning a hole in your pocket, you can check out and purchase my two favorite products here:


3. Storage Benches Are Your Best Friends


If you’re thinking of investing in a workbench, definitely spend the extra money on something that includes drawers or shelf space. This will help keep knick-knacks such as small tools, hardware, and random junk out of sight. I purchased my Kobalt Workbench at Lowe’s a few years back and it’s still standing and keeping my objects where they belong.

4. Section It Off

When organizing your workbench and/or wall space, make sure there’s a method to your madness. Organize tools and material by purpose. For instance, in my workshop, my workbench is organized by placing acrylic/chalk/milk paints & brushes on one side of my bench, and stains and wood finishes on the other. I also have a separate shelf area of home improvement needs such as plaster, caulking, and latex paint. You can also organize by type of tool or fastener. Do what works for you… the possibilities are endless!

5. Keep It Clean

Vacuums, brooms, and blow guns (oh my!) are your number one friend. No shop can be successfully organized without being clean! Use this lethal combination to clean off the dust and debris that may be hiding behind your favorite machine. When I’m finished in my shop I use the broom to grab what the vacuum missed and often use my blow gun to dust off the equipment.

6. Light & Bright

Okay… we can all say “duh” to this one, but you can’t have a successful workspace without lighting. If you don’t have a window in your workspace, or often work at night, make sure you add ample amounts of lighting to your shop. This can be done through the use of hanging lights, or even work lights. Either way, please don’t work in the dark… your shop and your projects would look way better with some lighting.

7. Feels Like Home

Make your space feel like home! A shop shouldn’t just be an extra space in your home for tool storage, it should be inspiring! Add your own artwork or handywork to the space and allow it to feel like it’s yours!

8. Create A Space For Project Lists

When organizing my workshop, I made sure to include an area for a chalkboard to-do list. This helps me to keep my projects in order and also reminds me that slacking off is not on my list of things to do! I love having a place in my shop for my list of projects; it never gets lost and it helps keep me on my toes.

9. Change Is Constant

Nothing is permanent! Play around with the placement of items in your shop until something clicks. I’m constantly rearranging my space as I continue to work and grow. Never marry your initial design – trust me, you’ll grow out of the first organized crush you make.


So what do you think? Will you be using any of these organization tips in the coming year? Feel free to let me know your thoughts – and also, please share your own organization tips with me! I love learning about new ways to organize my workspace!

Until next time, Happy New Year and…

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Shannon Boyce

    These are definitely some helpful tips!

  • Shauna Sims

    Awesome tips!! I love the pegboard idea instead of me putting nails in studs to hold single items! Great work girl!!

    • Sam Raimondi

      Thank you Shauna! Glad I was able to provide a useful tip!

  • Richard Watkins

    Just curious, I,m seeing a lot of lime green tools there. Is Ryobi one of your sponsor’s or did you decide yourself to go with that brand? I just received a Ryobi cordless trim router I purchased from the Home Depot web site. It’s still in the box and I’m going to go to H.D to pick up a 18 volt Lithium battery.
    I use a Porter Cable 2o volt lithium cordless saw and Drill.
    I can understand going with a single brand as the batteries are interchangeable.
    Ryobi is the only company that makes a cordless trim router. It is the older blue tool but the newer Lithium batteries will work.
    Have fun with your woodworking, ( safety first ).

    • Sam Raimondi

      Hi Richard! Well, one of the reasons why I use Ryobi tools is because it is what my dad taught me to use tools with. So, lots of my stuff was handed down and then eventually upgraded. I do love their cordless stuff… and in fact, I pretty much love everything I use by them. Maybe it’s just a comfort thing… but, who knows! Anyway, thanks for stopping by to say hello! I definitely will have fun building. Happy DIY’ing to you as well and best of luck with the router!

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