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modern wine rack

I love wine (I mean, who doesn’t). Therefore, I honestly believe that you can never have too much wine storage (or, glasses of wine in one sitting… but that’s a conversation for another day). However, most of my wine storage is bulky and made from lumber. So, I wanted to try my hand at creating one from metal and leather. Even better, I didn’t have to weld a single thing! Wanna know how? I partnered up with my amazing partners at Bernzomatic to show you how I did it!

how to make a metal table base

Have you wanted to incorporate metal into your woodworking builds but aren’t sure where to start? Always wanted to make a table base but don’t have a welder? Reading this in the voice of an infomercial voiceover actor? Well, I have good news for you (I hope you at least read that one in the infomercial voice)! You can totally create a metal table base without a welder, and I partnered with my awesome friends at Bernzomatic to show you how!


I have always wanted to learn how to weld, but I’ve been having trouble finding time in my insanely free schedule¬†(insert laugh track here) to take lessons. Mind you, this totally sucks because I’ve been wanting to add some metal decor to my new pad. Hence, cue the happy dance when my friends at DAP Products challenged me to a craft store challenge… therefore, causing me to stop at my local Michael’s Crafts… where I

wood bench with metal shelf

The combination of moving into a new apartment and being forced to dip into my proudly-hoarded lumber collection is doing some fun things to my creativity (and my website)! I’m basically about to build all of the furniture, and I’m not mad about it. I’ve been wanting to use a specific piece of walnut I’ve been hoarding for a while, and finally made it a reality by creating a fun DIY entryway bench with shoe