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What’s My Deal!?

Hi! I’m Sam – psychologist and do it yourselfer from Long Island, NY. Welcome to my blog! I specialize in basic woodworking projects, home improvement ideas, and creative crafts. Best part is, I do it all on a strict budget and with a full time job! Being creative doesn’t have to break the bank or require a lot of time. Trust me, if it did, I wouldn’t be here!

How Did I Get My Start?

When I was 15, my dad handed me a hammer and told me to help him rebuild a house. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on making, doing, and creating. As a college student on a strict budget, my goal was to inspire the everyday self to go out and create something out of the box! Each month I continue to update my blog with new and affordable project tutorials, home improvement tips, and business strategies that beginners and experts alike can create and enjoy!

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Blog Initiative:

 I enjoy sharing free step-by-step ideas with all who are interested in finding new ways to add creative projects to their personal resume!  I welcome all and any ideas and suggestions; my aim is to creating, building, and home improvement fun, easy, and affordable for all who wish to participate!

Hey, if I can do it. You most certainly can!

Want to Work Together?

Want to collaborate with me, or have an idea you wish to share? Looking for a media kit?
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Safety Disclaimer:

DIY Huntress is a blog that is meant to empower others to build and create. That being said, please try all projects safely. Use appropriate safety gear and abide by individual tool requirements and safety advice when operating machinery. Always ask for help when necessary.

Sam cannot directly oversee every build that comes from her plans, nor can she witness what tools are being used to replicate her builds. Therefore, Sam & DIY Huntress, LLC are not responsible for any injury caused by the user when implementing any plans or projects on her website or downloadable content pages.

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Occasionally, DIY Huntress will participate in the use of affiliate linking. These links are provided in order to provide my readers with direct links to my favorite products. While they are no extra cost for you to click on or purchase through, DIY Huntress does receive commission for sales made through these links. These commissions help to keep plans and tutorials free on the site!

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  • In case you’re not all sick of me pouring resin oceans on random pieces of wood... here’s one of a handful that I’ll be displaying at a local art show tonight! ⁣
It’s so amazing how an ocean guitar project turned into an invite to my first art show, and I’m so stoked (and also so hooked on pouring oceans). I’m super excited to join some other talented local artists and meet new creatives tonight. 💕⁣
If you’re a fellow Long Islander looking for something to do, come hang and check out some artwork (details in my stories)! I’ll be sure to check in soon and share some local art! Happy Sunday, friends! 💓⁣
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  • Feeling some type of way on this Throwback Thursday/Thanksgiving Day... I know I share how grateful I am for your support on the regular, but today I took some time to really sit and sift through my journey and where I am today. Specifically, I was challenged to think about things I’m grateful for in my yoga class this morning, and two things that repeated in my mind were DIY Huntress and your support. 💕⁣
Six years ago, my workshop looked like the second photo (swipe 👉🏼). I had barely any tools and took over small corner in my dad’s shed. I started sharing my projects with no expectations from this little space or my blog - I did it for fun. But, after a ton of encouragement from you and loved ones as well as a lot of hard work, I was able to grow my space and my hobby from a small corner in a shed, to DIY/woodworking business in an 80 square foot work space, and then again to a fully equipped 144 square foot shed-shop that I built with my dad all while juggling getting my PhD and a full time job (swipe for the progression of my workspace over the past 6 years).🙏🏼 ⁣
In looking at these photos, there is is one thing that still rings true... your support has been with me since the very beginning. If it wasn’t for you all cheering me on and supporting what I do, I can confidently say that DIY Huntress wouldn’t be what it is today - including the amazing personal and professional connections I have made over the past 6 years. 💓 ⁣
I say it all the time and I’ll say it again today on this Thanksgiving night... I am grateful for you. Thank you for supporting this one-woman show, this small business, and this really important journey in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏🏼⁣
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  • Been getting lots of questions about how I poured the ocean design on @3x3custom’s guitar, so here’s a fun little time lapse of the process! ⁣
You can find the full, detailed video on this pour including the pigments I used on my YouTube channel (link in bio under “latest YouTube video”)! 💕⁣
PS. You can try the @masepoxies Art Pro Resin I used for this pour for 20% off on their website with code “DIYHUNTRESS”!⁣
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  • I’m internally freaking out about sharing this project with you guys today! Basically, @3x3custom built a badass guitar for her son (coolest mom ever) and then let me pour an ocean on top of it, and we are stoked on it! 💕😍⁣
Tamar is sharing the build process on this guitar on her channel and I’m sharing the pouring process along with @masepoxies on mine (link in bio 👆🏼) and we’d love for you guys to check both of them out! ⁣
Huge thanks to Tamar for trusting me on this one and cheering me on the whole way. Feeling so grateful to be able to collab with my friends in fun ways. 😍 Hope you guys love it as much as we do! ⁣
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  • Have a new project coming out tomorrow, but in the meantime, still so excited about all of the love I’ve been getting on my new DIY floating desk with hidden storage! ⁣
If you haven’t yet, you can catch the full video tutorial on my channel (link in bio 👆🏼)! Happy almost Friday, friends! 💕⁣
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  • It’s not often that I get a weekend where I’m not hustling against a looming deadline... between my full time job and my content creation schedule, I pretty much never get a day off. But, today is the first weekend since the summer that I’ve just been able to do my own thing in the shop organically without an agenda... and it feels so, so good. 💕⁣
Having so much fun creatively resetting this weekend with some unplanned, organic art projects for me and my loved ones. Can’t wait to see what these turn into and share them with you.⁣
Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, taking some time to reset, and staying warm! 🙏🏼💓⁣
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  • Swipe to see the secret this floating desk has! 👆🏼👈🏼⁣
I’ve been wanting to make an unusable nook in my parents basement into a usable office space for the longest time, so I built a DIY floating desk with a HIDDEN storage compartment! 😍⁣
Check out how I made this new office space come to life with the help of my friends @dapproducts on the blog & YouTube channel today (links in bio 👆🏼)! ⁣
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  • To say I’m grateful for the connections and friendships I’ve made via this crazy world of DIY Huntress is the total understatement of the century. There are some days I feel like I need someone to pinch me and wake me up out of the dream world I’m in. I get to not only collaborate with some of the most epically talented people (like @3x3custom), but am so lucky that I get to call them my real life friends. 💕⁣
Had so much fun getting to collab with Tamar this weekend - pretty sure she totally believed in me and my creative abilities this weekend more than I did... and for that and her, I am so thankful. ⁣
Get yourself some friends that will push your creative boundaries and cheer you on (especially when you possibly need CPR while having a micro heart attack when collabing on a project they worked so hard on 🙈). It makes such a huge difference in your life and in your work. So pumped to show you what we worked on this weekend. 🙌🏼⁣
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