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What’s My Deal!?

Hi! I’m Sam – psychologist and do it yourselfer from Long Island, NY. Welcome to my blog! I specialize in basic woodworking projects, home improvement ideas, and creative crafts. Best part is, I do it all on a strict budget and with a full time job! Being creative doesn’t have to break the bank or require a lot of time. Trust me, if it did, I wouldn’t be here!

How Did I Get My Start?

When I was 15, my dad handed me a hammer and told me to help him rebuild a house. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on making, doing, and creating. As a college student on a strict budget, my goal was to inspire the everyday self to go out and create something out of the box! Each month I continue to update my blog with new and affordable project tutorials, home improvement tips, and business strategies that beginners and experts alike can create and enjoy!

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Blog Initiative:

 I enjoy sharing free step-by-step ideas with all who are interested in finding new ways to add creative projects to their personal resume!  I welcome all and any ideas and suggestions; my aim is to creating, building, and home improvement fun, easy, and affordable for all who wish to participate!

Hey, if I can do it. You most certainly can!

Want to Work Together?

Want to collaborate with me, or have an idea you wish to share? Looking for a media kit?
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Brand Awareness & Site Disclaimers:

Safety Disclaimer:

DIY Huntress is a blog that is meant to empower others to build and create. That being said, please try all projects safely. Use appropriate safety gear and abide by individual tool requirements and safety advice when operating machinery. Always ask for help when necessary.

Sam cannot directly oversee every build that comes from her plans, nor can she witness what tools are being used to replicate her builds. Therefore, Sam & DIY Huntress, LLC are not responsible for any injury caused by the user when implementing any plans or projects on her website or downloadable content pages.

Affiliate Links & Sponsored Posts:

Occasionally, DIY Huntress will participate in the use of affiliate linking. These links are provided in order to provide my readers with direct links to my favorite products. While they are no extra cost for you to click on or purchase through, DIY Huntress does receive commission for sales made through these links. These commissions help to keep plans and tutorials free on the site!

DIY Huntress does participate in sponsored posting. All sponsored posts will have a disclaimer indicating who provided funding and/or product for that specific product. DIY Huntress will never publish a sponsored post without appropriately disclosing the partnership. Additionally, although some posts may be sponsored, DIY Huntress’ personal opinions about products will forever remained unbiased and honest.


  • Just got home from Weekend With @woodmagazine and I’m filled with so many ideas for projects, my head feels like it’s going to explode!⁣
Day 2 of the conference started with a wood turning class from @powermatic.woodworking and @woodentreasuresbykeithlackner. From there, I got my epoxy resin fix in and learned the proper steps for making a river table with @systemthreeresins. I then got to play with some @triton_tools_usa before heading to the MOST incredible charity build where all of the attendees worked together to create 100 handmade urns for our fallen heroes. 🙏🏼⁣
This weekend I got to spend time with people who are just as passionate (if not more) about woodworking as I am and it felt incredible. I’m so honored to have been able to experience this event with some of the best. There are times when this life feels surreal, and this weekend was one of them. 💕⁣
#weekendwithwood #woodworker #girlswhobuild #woodworking #woodworkforall #wood #armedforces #womenwoodworkers #handmade #charityevent #teamwork #madewithlove
  • Hello from Weekend With @woodmagazine! Wanted to check in and give you guys a day 1 update!⁣
Yesterday I spent some time with really cool brands and learned about making custom jigs for the shop, spraying techniques with @fujisprayofficial, creating traditional joinery using power tools (@pantorouter.usa), and how to get your saw to retract when you place a hot dog on the blade (@sawstopsaws). 😝⁣⁣
Two of the things I love most about conferences like these are connecting with people who are as passionate about the things you love as you are and learning new things. I’m already filled with so much information. I can’t wait for day 2 today! 😍⁣⁣
#weekendwithwood #woodwork #woodworkers #girlswhobuild #build #construction #handmade #handson #maker #makersgonnamake #doityourself #builder #womenwoodworkers #woodworking #honeimprovement
  • It hasn’t been that long since I shared my DIY Pallet Wood Nightstand, but it’s Throwback Thursday and also just one of those builds that I’m super proud of and still can’t believe I made using free pallet wood. 😍⁣
Check out the full build tutorial and see how I knocked off a $400 nightstand for $40 on my channel (link in bio 👆🏼)! ⁣
#woodworking #woodwork #woodworkers #girlswhobuild #womenwoodworkers #diynetwork #palletfurniture #palletwood #handmade #builtnotbought  #hgtvhandmade #build #imadethis #woodisgood
  • When life gives you free pallets at your doorstep followed by a bad day, you make a custom workbench!
Had this massive loss of motivation today after looking forward to my Saturday shop day all week... almost gave up on the day and called it quits, but instead I decided to organize my shop and modify an existing folding workbench by painting the base black with leftover spray paint and adding free pallet wood to the top to match my new shop. I’m so happy I didn’t give up on this day. 😍
Whenever I experience a lack of motivation or inspiration, I love cleaning the shop and working on an organic, unplanned project. Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered. 😉
What’s your go-to motivation boost when you’re just not feeling it?
#woodwork #girlswhobuild #womenwoodworkers #sawdustsaturday #woodworking #workshop #powertools #woodshop #woodworking #woodworkingtools #upcycle
  • So stoked to share my tallest build to date, this Modern Sliding Barn Door that I created as a gift to my parents with @dapproducts in ONE WEEKEND! 😍
Check out the full build video & tutorial for this mammoth art piece on my YouTube channel & subscribe (link in bio)! 👆🏼
Spoiler Alert: My dad makes his big return on my channel for this one. You kind of don’t want to miss it. 😉
#sponsored #womenwoodworkers #girlswhobuild #woodworking #woodworker #youtube #woodworkforall #girlpower #barndoor #handmade #build
  • If there are two things I’m craving, it’s big furniture builds and projects with x-features (like on this DIY Storage Cabinet I made back in the day). I think it’s time to brainstorm a new big furniture build... what would you guys like to see plans for on my website and channel!? 💕
P.S. Find the free plans for this weekend build on my website by searching for “Cabinet”!
#woodwork #customfurniture #womenwoodworkers #woodworkingplans #doityourself #furniture #interiordesign #hgtv #woodworking #handmade #handbuilt #build #create #builtnotbought
  • THEY’RE BACK - Girl Power tanks are finally back in stock! 👊🏼💕⁣⁣
Every time I list these tanks, I’m floored by how fast they sell out. So, for this batch, I tripled the normal inventory amount in hopes that everyone who wants one can get one!⁣⁣
You can find these tanks in my new online shop on my website (link in bio ☝🏼)! Thanks so much for your love and support! 💓⁣⁣
#girlpower #girlswhobuild #woodworkersofinstagram #womenwoodworkers #carpenter #doityourself #girl #powertools #female #woodworkingwoman #woodworkforall #woodworking
  • It’s hard to explain the feeling that I have inside today working in my shed-shop. I am currently building an 8 foot tall project while it downpours outside. One year ago today, I would have had to call this day a complete wash because a project of this scale would have never fit in my workshop.⁣
My brand and my journey may not have grown as fast as some other people’s, but I look at where I am today, at the beginning of May in my beautiful workshop that I built with my own hands, and I am so proud of myself for how far I have come. I built my brand and my business by myself with what I had (which wasn’t much as a broke grad student in debt working out of an 80 square foot shed in her parents’ backyard) and for that I am so proud of where I am today. ⁣💓⁣⁣
For those of you who often feel discouraged by other people’s progress. Never forget to take a moment to reflect on where you are and how much you have grown and gained, regardless of how tall your sky-high standards are that you have set for yourself. ⁣⁣⁣
Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Everyone’s access to resources are different. Take time to be proud of how far you have come with what you have and what you have built. 💕⁣⁣⁣
#woodworker #workshop #woodworkersofinstagram #smallbusinessowner #handmade #hgtv #handbuilt #girlswhobuild #woodworkforall #artistsoninstagram #youtube #diynetwork #doityourself #build