DIY Giant Jenga With Mobile Carrying Case

giant yard jenga for backyard

Holiday season is around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning those handmade holiday gifts! To help get those holiday gears turning, I partnered with my amazing friends at Kreg and BuildSomething to create a giant Jenga set for my parents’ new backyard. I also decided to take it a step further and create a mobile carrying case for it as well (since, those suckers are heavy)! Even better, I’m offering up the free plans for both the game and the carrying case on!

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DIY Rolling Shoe Bin

custom wood crate

Spring is here.. and usually that phrase is followed by, “it’s time to clean and organize my home”! But, since moving into a studio apartment, cleaning and organizing has a new meaning for me, since we are so short on space! I have no choice but to leverage the space I have! So, to help with creative organization, I partnered with my friends at Kreg and to create custom rolling bins to store my shoes… and you can to! Even better, if you’re looking to start a new hobby this Spring, this a great build for beginner woodworkers!

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DIY Custom Wooden Dog Bed

wooden dog bed

Those of you who have been following my journey know how obsessed I am with my dog, Titan. He’s my best bud and partner in crime. And since I sleep in comfort and style, I decided it was time for him to do so as well. That being said, I partnered with & Kreg Tool to help create the most epic DIY Custom Wooden Dog Bed for my BFF. Now, Titan is sleeping in a bed that is nicer than my own (since I live in a studio and technically don’t have one).

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DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

rustic shoe storage

My other half and I have been living in our 325 square foot apartment for a year and a half… but we just now realized that we don’t have any storage for our every day sneakers! So, when my friends at Kreg asked me to partner on a project for Build Something’s website, I jumped at the opportunity to make us a West Elm inspired rustic-industrial style shoe rack for our apartment. This project cost me around $30 in material, and took one day to make! Not too bad for a functional piece of furniture! 

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