How To Spray Insulate A Shed

spray foam insulation

Welcome back to another portion of my Shed-Shop Series! In case you missed it, I spent the tail end of my summer break from my full time job building a shed and turning it into a workshop! In this episode/post, I’m showing you how simple it was to install spray insulation to prep my workshop […]

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How To Install Windows In A Shed

how to build a shed

If you have been following my Shed-Shop Series on YouTube, you’ll know that my dad and I worked really hard this summer to build a shed from the ground-up and then turn it into my new workshop! Even cooler, I was able to partner with some of my favorite people at The Home Depot & […]

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DIY Copper & Wood Menorah/Candle Holder

copper and wood menorah

Growing up in a family of mixed backgrounds meant I got to celebrate more than one holiday each winter season (also known as, double the presents)! And, since I have been focusing on publishing Christmas projects over the past few years, I wanted to spend some time this year creating something special for Hanukkah, which is […]

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DIY Magnetic Wood Frames

how to make a picture frame

If there are three things I’m a “succa” for it’s succulents, custom artwork, and easy DIY projects! I partnered with my friends at DAP Products to create a fun and easy magnetic photo frame for my new cute new artwork from Bloom To Brush! Even better, this project was made with free lumber (yay for scrap wood projects)! Want the free plans? Here we go!

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