DIY Plywood Mountain Wood Art

plywood artwork

One of my favorite parts about being a DIY blogger is that I get to be part of a community of insanely talented makers. So, cue my excitement when a bunch of my favorite creators invited me to a fun Wood Art Challenge! I already have a tutorial on my blog for Geometric Wood Art and thought it would be fun to try something with plywood this time. To help me with this project, I partnered with my amazing friends at Rust-Oleum to show you how to make this piece of wall art in one weekend! Here’s how.

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DIY Live Edge Resin Table

diy resin and wood table

As a woodworker and a maker, one of the projects I have had on my bucket list for a while has been a resin and wood end table. I have spent months scouring lumber yards and the internet for the perfect piece in need of TLC. And, well, when you wish and try hard enough dreams do come true. I am beyond excited to have been able to partner with my amazing friends at Bernzomatic to finally create the one of a kind resin table I’ve been imagining up in my head! I’ll show you how surprisingly easy it is to fill voids in wood with resin and create awesome art work in just a few easy steps!

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DIY Faux Marble Concrete Tray

Guys, remember how I was gambling a 50/50 shot on my first concrete project being a total mess? Well, it’s done, and it surprisingly turned out really beautiful (yes, I am in actual shock at how well I was able to handle this project)! I am so excited to show you my version of the Home […]

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Home Depot DIH Workshop: DIY Concrete Tray

Another Do-It-Herself Workshop project already!? You bet! You guys, I am SO excited about this one too! This time, myself and nine other bloggers will be working to put our spin on a concrete project! I have never worked with concrete before, so this is either going to turn out really awesome… or be a […]

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