DIY Copper & Wood Bar Cart

copper and wood bar cart

News flash – I love entertaining. Don’t believe me? I’ve created DIY wine racks, outdoor bars, and beverage holders on this website time and again! To prove myself a Class-A partier one more time, today I’m sharing my newest party-related project, a DIY copper & wood bar cart! Even better, my friends at Bernzomatic helped keep this celebration alive by sponsoring this build! Let’s get the this party started!

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DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Nightstand (West Elm Knockoff)

One of the reasons why I started building my own furniture was because I couldn’t afford to buy the pieces I was drooling over in the windows of stores (cue, “how much is that doggy in the window”, but sub “doggy” for “dresser”). That being said, I was pretty stoked when I was asked to join in on a knockoff furniture challenge with a slew of amazingly talented bloggers. Even cooler, our budget was less than $100. So, I made a replica of a $400 nightstand from reclaimed pallet wood and $40 in lumber. Even cooler, I partnered up with my amazing family at DAP Products to turn this vision into a budget-friendly reality!

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DIY Live Edge Wood Serving Board

how to decorate a charcuterie board

Of all of the things in the whole wide world, there are two things I love the most… cheese and woodworking. Cue one of the only opportunities I’ll have ever have to combine my love for both – a DIY live edge wood serving board! This was my first project in my fully finished shed-shop […]

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DIY Copper & Wood Menorah/Candle Holder

copper and wood menorah

Growing up in a family of mixed backgrounds meant I got to celebrate more than one holiday each winter season (also known as, double the presents)! And, since I have been focusing on publishing Christmas projects over the past few years, I wanted to spend some time this year creating something special for Hanukkah, which is […]

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