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DIY Concrete Accent Wall

how to make cement accent wall

After two and a half years in my shed-shop (I cannot believe it’s been that long already), it is finally time for a shakeup in this little space. The past few years in here have been incredible, but it’s getting a little crowded in here. I also underestimated just how big my little business would grow in this space (thanks to all of you)! So, it’s time to make this shed work better as a workshop and a space to document my content with all of you… starting with my tool wall! I’ve been wanted to create a DIY concrete accent wall in my life for a while now, so why not do it in the workshop! This is a project that works well for any space (not just a workshop), and I can’t wait to show you how I made it happen!

How To Make A Concrete Accent Wall

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I seriously cannot wait to own a house. There are so many projects I want to be able to tackle at some point. Luckily, a concrete accent wall has been on that list for a while and now I get to tackle it in my shop space!

concrete photo backdrop

Now, I installed this accent wall over exposed studs, but this is a tutorial that can easily be used over drywall as well!

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!

What I Used:

feathering cement for accent wall

Cement Board Knife
Dremel Rotary Tool
Metal Cutting Wheel (Optional)
Cement Trowel
Sander & Sandpaper (Optional)
Utility Knife
Cement Paddle

½” Cement Board *
Feathering Cement in Gray *
1 ¼” Cement Board Screws
Cement Board Seam Tape

* quantity of these materials will depend on your particular project

The Steps:

1. First, I hung the cement board with the cement board screws and made sure it was attached to the studs. I had a few studs with screw heads hanging out, so I cut them using my Dremel Rotary Tool and metal cutting wheel. With any project in which you hang boards on studs, you want the studs to be clean and flush!

dremel rotary cutting tool for metal

I also added blocking to any portion of the wall that needed some extra support.

how to add blocking to wall

2. Next, I cut any pieces I needed to trim with a cement board knife. You can see this in action in my YouTube video!

scoring and cutting cement board

installing cement board

3. Next, I taped the seams and mudded them using a thin layer of feathering cement.

how to tape cement board

mud seams in cement board

4. After allowing the seams to dry, it was time to start adding my cement. I followed the instructions on the bag of the product that I used and mixed the cement to a frosting-like consistency. 

feathering cement for accent wall

I then troweled the cement onto the cement board. I didn’t pay too much attention to the pattern. Instead, I randomly added swooshes (technical term) until it looked organic. This is up to personal taste though! 

adding concrete to cement board

5. After letting the wall dry overnight, I came back the next day and used my sander with 80 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the wall and blend all of the coloring and texture together. 

concrete wall

6. I then just wiped down the wall with a wet mop (you can use a cloth, I’m just short) and allowed the wall to dry. You can seal your cement wall after this step, if you’d like, but I wanted mine to stay as matte as possible, so I skipped this step.

how to add concrete to a wall

That’s it!

I am so stoked with the way this wall turned out and cannot wait to start getting the rest of this space in order!

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Kelly SMith

    I love the look! Do you think this could this be used as flooring? I would love to have cement floors and wondered if this would hold up with a good top finish?

  • Cindy Smitth

    Do you think this would work covering over a brick wall and fireplace?

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