DIY Dining Bench (In ONE Day!)


Hi, friends! Things have been a little hectic recently (I shared a bunch about this on YouTube), but I am SO happy to be back in action with a fun one-day friend-filled project! Last time we hung out on the blog, I had just wrapped up my small dining room makeover… and, this time, we’re focusing on the custom dining bench my friend Chris from Cow Dog Craft Works helped me build for the space! This was such a fun collab and I am so excited to share all of the details with you! So, let’s get started!

How To Build A Dining Bench

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My buddy Chris from Cow Dog Craft Works was literally in town for 24 HOURS and I did what any good friend does when I found out… I put him to work and made him help me with a custom bench for my new dining room space! Here’s how we did it!

What We Used:

DAP plastic wood x filler

Project Panel
DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive
DAP Weldwood Original Wood Glue *
DAP Plastic Wood-X All Purpose Wood Filler
Black Wood Stain
Plywood (For Router Jig)

* It is recommended to spread DAP Weldwood Original Wood Glue with a glue brush. You can purchase one here.

Top Bearing Flush Trim Bit *
Bottom Bearing Flush Trim Bit *
Miter Saw or Hand Saw
Circular Saw or Table Saw
Staining Supplies

* Check the size of your router bit shank before purchasing. My trim router accommodates a 1/4″ wide bit.

The Steps:

1. First, Chris and I cut the project panel into the top, legs, and stretcher pieces using a circular saw and a track.

cutting a project panel with a circular saw

2. Next, we created router jigs using plywood and DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive to create our joinery in our legs and stretcher. I started with a top bearing bit and ran that against the jig and then finished the cut but flipping the leg and using a bottom bearing flush trim bit. This step is totally optional, by the way! While I preferred to use the router, Chris preferred to cut his joinery with a hand saw!

3. Once the tenons were cut into the legs, we then cut the mortises in the underside of the top of the bench with the router and a few new jigs. 

4. Once all of the joinery was cut, it was time to fill any cracks and imperfections with DAP Plastic Wood-X All Purpose Wood Filler before assembling everything together with DAP Weldwood Original Wood Glue.

5. After leaving the bench to dry overnight, I came back the next morning and sanded and stained the bench in a black stain before installing it in the dining room!

And, after one day of work (technically) Chris and I made a custom bench for my new dining space! How perfect does it look in this room!?

small modern dining nook

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Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




  • Karolyn

    Beautiful! And I love the table…stunning! What a nice area to gather to eat….well done…

  • James Jones

    is the build plan posted somewhere? or can you share it with me?

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