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DIY Easy Reclaimed Wood Wall

diy reclaimed wood wall

If you’ve been following my Shed-Shop Series on my website and YouTube, you’ll know that one of the most exciting parts of my shop build was customizing the space to make it feel like home. Because the build was so stressful, I was looking for an easy and beautiful way to make an impact, so I partnered up with Plank & Mill to add their reclaimed barn wood to my shop walls. Now I have an awesome backdrop for my blog posts & videos – here’s how I did it (you can also seeĀ  a video tutorial of this project as well)!

DIY Easy Reclaimed Wood Wall

Want to watch how easy it was to install this wood wall? Check out the video tutorial on YouTube & subscribe (but, only if you like what you see)!

Adding a statement wall to your home or workspace does not have to be hard or time consuming. I was able to complete both half walls in my 144 square foot shed-shop in a few hours after my full time job!

Plank & Mill seriously made it so easy to add character to my walls with their peel & stick reclaimed barn wood.

Let me show you how seriously easy this project was.

What You’ll Need:

plank and mill review

Miter Saw
Utility Knife
Brad Nailer
Speed Square
Tape Measure

3″ Wide Plank & Mill Peel & Stick Barn Wood Boards

The Steps:

1. The planks I chose fromĀ Plank & Mill required some acclimation before installing. So, as soon as I got the boxes, I ripped them open and set them aside for two days.

reclaimed wood wall

2. Once they were acclimated, it was time to install! I started by laying out the first board on my wall (with the plastic still on the back) and using a level to make sure it was going to work out.

how to install wood planks on walls

3. Once I was happy with the placement, I peeled off the plastic layer on the back of the board and then firmly pressed it against the wall.

diy peel and stick wood wall

4. I didn’t choose a specific pattern for my boards, so I just began attaching boards to the walls in a pattern that made me happy. When I needed to trim a board to size, I just used my miter saw!

how to wood wall

5. Some of my boards needed to be custom trimmed to fit my outlets, so I used a utility knife and speed square to create the openings.

peel and stick wood

I then attached the boards the same way – peel & press!

peel and stick wood wall

6. After completing the entire wall, I added a board to the very bottom to create a faux-baseboard.

diy pallet wall

7. Because I attached the boards to plywood, there were a few spots that were sticking out. So, I took my brad nailer and just attached them to the wall with a single nail.

how to install reclaimed wood wall

That’s it! You really couldn’t ask for an easier barn wood system!

shed workshop

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I want to add these planks to every wall in my life. They made such a HUGE impact in my space and now I have a really awesome backdrop for some future projects!

Interested in trying a project like this later? Make sure to check out Plank & Mill‘s website as well as Pin This post for later!

In the meantime, see you guys soon with some fun new shop projects!

This post is sponsored by Plank & Mill – in partnering with them, I have recievd compensation in the form of product and/or compensation. Regardless, all product opinions are my own. For more information on my disclosure policy, click here.

Sam Raimondi

Sam is a full time psychologist and part time content creator from Long Island, New York.




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